Wednesday, September 30, 2009

**Glitz meets Shimmerz**

and boy did they ever get along....
I'd like to share my Glitz-y, Shimmerz-y projects with you:

**WARNING..this post is photo heavy...**

First I decided a while back I wanted to create a canvas layout
with yummy Shimmerz & the FUN new lines from Glitz.

I saw this picture from a recent upload of my son....
I knew it was PERFECT for what I wanted to do...
-First I sanded my canvas a prime it a little.
-Then I painted my canvas silver using the Adirondack daubers...
-Next I sprayed my Concrete Shimmerz. Dried it with my heat gun,
Sprayed Licorice (new release!!) and dried it all with my heat gun again.

-Next I took my versamark ink
& the CUTE CUTE polka dot stamp from Glitz
and stamped along the edges of my canvas...
(I wanted a boyish, grungy look...)

-then used Tim Holtz new distressed (why do I love that word? LOL)
-then I heated it with the heat gun again,
this is the end result. I LOVE how it turned out.
--after that I proceeded to add paper, ribbons, buttons, stickers...

but I have to share that the orange saying: 
"Do You Know Where You Are Going On Your Journey"
is NOT from Glitz nor from Shimmerz.
It's a postcard I found while shopping in Waco near Savannah's college...
I HAD to use it on here. I KNEW what I wanted to do with that
the minute I bought it.
I wanted to show you how yummy the Glitz rub ons are.
Not to mention they go on like BUTTER.
I ♥♥♥ them.
I used Shimmerz new release Wed Wagon (I LOVE that name!)
along the edge of my son's photo.
It's safe, non toxic....won't damage at all...
plus it looks really COOL as a frame for your photo...

Next up we have my cute little fam:
whom I LOVE so much.
That photo's so funny...
I was getting the picture of my husband and daughter
while at Parents Weekend at Baylor University
and Shaypher just happens to walk by and look up and smile.
Cracks me up...makes you wonder if he had that planned, eh?

But about the layout....
The Glitz stamps are so must have them all. I LOVE that circle.
-I used the new Glitz "olivia" line.
-along with elements added  from the"vintage" line.
-Spritzed a TON of Shimmerz Baby's Breath...seriously...MUST have!

and ready for another grungy boy page?
here ya have it...
the boy on his first day of his SENIOR year.
Craziness I tell you.
Him? Senior?
that's my BABY.
(although he'd DIE if he knew I just wrote that)

Anyway...this is the new "detour" line from Glitz. 
Delish huh? It's already grungy, I did nothing but
spritz on some Baby's Breath Shimmerz to make it shimmer (z) :D

but on these stars...I went NUTS!
--On the star on the left, all I used was Shimmerz Hi Ho Silver paint.
Check out that shimmer!
Seriously...if you don't have Shimmerz..GET SOME.
You HAVE to have it.  :D

This one's my favorite:
Probably because this is my girls' SR pictures that
I just LOVE Andie's work. Super talented girl
(and she just took Shaypher's!)

Anways...this layout was so fun to do. 
The Glitz "hot mama" line is so easy to use.
I wanted a splash of a contrast so I added some green...
and spritzed lots of Shimmerz of course.
I use it so much it's become a staple!
I LOVE that staple....

and tomorrow I've got another Shimmerz-ized Glitz project to share with you...
right along with my Point.Blank.Period Challenge Layout.
Prompt #2.
are you ready?

p.s. Just waiting to hear back from
my Shimmerz Winner...