Monday, September 14, 2009

** new fave word. ever.**

Do you see WHY? ;D


I consider myself very blessed. Blessed to be chosen
to be a part of an  incredible group of talented and
beautiful ladies.  Here's our team:  Jeni Boisvert (Leader Extraordinairre),
Lori Renn, Michelle Lanning, Tanisha Long and myself. 
We will be bringing you video tutorials, classes, online classes,
how to's....everything you need to know about Shimmerz.

(If you're in Texas and you're interested in a Shimmerz class taught
near you, please let me know!! If you're in ANY state and
are interested in classes...let me know that too. ;D)

I am SO excited to get started on this exciting new venture!
It's going to be what I like to think of as Inspiration Station!


Ally said...

Hi Leslie!
I'm your new stalker... ;0) I was talking to one of my dear friends, Shawn Blackwelder, and discussing scrapbooking, and she said, "Haven't you met my friend Leslie?" and anyway I said no... she said you were a scrapbooker too.. and she said she thinks you've been in magazines, etc.. anyway I told her I reconized your name.. and anyway, WOW! This blog is awesome! I do mostly local work and I'm on one design team... but you are my hero! :) Anyway I saw that there are classes around here? I live in Ft Worth too... anyway I didn't know we had ANY classes with the closing of Recollections and Scrapbook Warehouse...let me know! Thanks!

Melonie said...

YAY!! Huge Congrats! You will rock the Shimmerz.

Shirley said...

Congrats, Leslie!!!

Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Haha, I laugh at what Ally said because I often thought you must feel like I'm stalking you! I am following you everywhere now because your stuff ROCKS! It is such great inspiration and I love it. You've introduced me to Shimmerz now (thank you!) and Tulip Girls and lots of other great things! So if you see me in the grocery store hiding behind the bread aisle, don't think a thing about it! LOL

catchinghappiness said...

congrats LEslie!!! amy tara