Tuesday, October 20, 2009

**Birthday Presents, Tulip's Revealed and life...OH MY**

I love birthday's. I love presents.  I love making people smile.
I sure hope I did that for my friend Lisa this week..
I made her these:

for her birthday :D The photographs are by
Andie Smith @ eight18photography
Andie took Lisa's girl's pics and I was able to get a few for my idea
I had brewing in my head. 
I love how these turned out. 
The top one is Amy, who's the same age
as my girl, Savannah...they're such sweet friends!
The bottom canvas is her little sister, my sidekick..Alexandra.
She's the cutest thing...ever! You can just SEE her personality
in those photo's...sassy little thing. ♥ her!
Besides paint, Gesso, paper, embellishments...I of course doused those
canvases in Shimmerz..
and it's time for the Label Tulip October reveal.
I had so much fun with this kit.
I got the add on's this time too...used them on ALL my creations.
Here's what I did:

(isn't that photo HILARIOUS! That's Savannah and her roomies
at the Pumpkin Patch a couple of weekends ago)
this layout was also my member lift layout....
Every month the DT does a member lift layout from a member in the
LT gallery...this month Mette's layout was the one chosen and here's her layout:

the add on kit came with this COOL spider lace paper...
I cut it up and used it as a mask on my background here..
this again is Savannah and her college roomies...
with their pumkin they picked to carve :D

Look! It's little Shaypher...isn't he cute! That's him on his 5th birthday
showing me how he felt about his new beanies one of our dear friends
gave him for his birthday. I believe he got 5, LOL! He's so silly...hard to believe
that little 5 year old is now 17 1/2 years old! I stand by my statement
that time flies when you're having fun!

and my last layout:

My beautiful girl and her beautiful smile
(braces coming off in a few months! woot!)
Thanks for letting me share those with you!

OH!! So listen....

Did you know you can now get a CARD KIT @ Label Tulip?
That's right! Our very own Danielle Flanders is our card designer and
has fabulous instructions you can get when you purchase the kit!
(Click on Card Kit and scroll down to Card Festival to purchase the add on)


SCRAP FOR A CURE is having a Design Team call!
WOO HOO!! I've had such a fabulous time
working for these girls, you will too!
Check it out!
Try out!
I'm cheering you on :D

Do you have any plans this week?
I'm actually getting all caught up after being
gone almost all of last week...
blog posts to catch up on, emails, photo's to be uploaded, etc...
happy to have a down week, yay!
I love the kajallion billion different directions
life has me going lately...it's what makes me...ME!
Have a happy week friends!