Tuesday, October 13, 2009

***The Girls Loft & PINK....***

Would you LOOK at that gorgeous kit!
 Margie and the girls sure packed
a fabulous kit this month...yum!
I hope you got one!  Check it out here:  The Girls Loft
Also...click the Girls Gallery
to see what all the fabulous creations by the DT.

Here's what I did:

poor Duster buster.....
and a little mini I threw together:

yep, you guessed it...topped my kit off with Shimmerz...♥

Don't forget it's still PINK month:  Shimmerz Pink

The girl came home this past weekend with her roomies..
we had a fun filled weekend..  "punkin" patch, pumpkin carving, Babes...
here's a little photo to share: 
aren't they gorgeous? they all from different walks in life, different cities, states
yet they meld together like sisters. Girls who  never met before....
best friends for life! Love it...love them! ;D

Hope your week is blessed!


Darien said...

Love your Work!! You are so CREATIVE!! Love it!

Amy said...

First off your work is to die for!!Such eye candy! wow !!
I have a question where do you find those cukecake lines,do you paint the liners or buy them that way?
really girl your work is the best! I love it all!

Joy-N-Jesus said...

Beautiful Layouts! I love your style! i agree with the others your work is amazing! God has truly gifted you!

Jocelyn said...

Love all the goodies...and yes I wish I could just throw together a mini as awesome as that!!!!! LOVE YOUR WORK!!!! :-)

Danielle said...

gorgeous photo and your stuff...OMG! I keep saying it, but.. gorgeous!!

JgWM said...

Beautiful photos of your daughter. I am glad she has made such good friends, thi will be a wonderful time in her life.

I love you pages and duster is so cute!

Danielle said...

Don't know how you find the time, but SO glad you do :D Always inspired by you!!!


roree said...

Beautiful projects, Leslie! Love every single one on them! :)

Kathie McGuire said...

The dog picture is just wrong, and I love you for it. LOL!!

What a lovely blog and all of your gorgeous creations.


Kathie McGuire