Wednesday, October 7, 2009

**Going PINK in the most Shimmerz'y delightful way.**

This post...
this very one.
It's ALL about hope.  Hope for such a WORTHY cause.
Hope for a cause that's so NEAR and DEAR to my heart.
So close to home.
So heartwrenching yet so....heartwarming.
I'm sure you know this is Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
In honor of this...Shimmerz is posting PINK PROJECTS to the blog
and the new Shimmerz FLICKR site -
and wants YOU to do the same!!  All you do is either load
a pink project you already have or go create and load it to the Flickr site,

THEN each DT member gets to choose their favorite project and each winner
will receive SOMETHING pink!!! 
I cannot WAIT to see what you do!

Here's a couple of things I created...
this first one's special to me...
I'll explain after I show you:

This little house is just something I picked up at Hobby Lobby.
It's about six inches high and four inches wide.
I bought it a few months ago not sure yet what I wanted to do with it so I saved it.
SO glad I did...I knew immediately I wanted to create a little "House of Hope"

This house reminds me of someone. 
My husbands mom.
I never was able to meet her. 
See...she went home after fighting a BRAVE courageous
battle with breast cancer when my husband
was almost 7 years old.
This house reminds me of the house on 7th Street
in Etowah Tennessee where my husband grew up
with his grandmother and aunt and uncle.
after his mom passed away
(his dad was in the military, away...). 
It reminds me of  a place a scared little boy was held, nurtured,
 loved and cared for...and also reminded every day
how special his mom was. How she loved him,
doted on him and gave her every second to him.
Even up to the very second she went into the hospital, so so sick.
So you see...
this house is a reminder of all things good, sweet, heartbreaking, heartwarming...
and, if you look into my daughter's eyes...even though I never got to meet
my mother in law...I KNOW those are HER eyes....:D
(and Savannah happens to share her middle name with her grandmother,
in honor of her grandmother...
who I know would have been so blessed by her)

So because of that very reason...
I decided to also do a pink layout...
of my girl. who shares a beautiful  name with a beautiful lady:

that flower you see, the one with the pin through it.... mom made that out of ribbon.
It was white...I sprayed it with Shimmerz Spritz.
Isn't she incredible? I love my mom...she's so creative!

and this flower, the crocheted one? My SWEET friend
(and fellow Shimmerz Design Team member...)
 Daniela Dobson's mom...she's from Croatia..
SHE MADE THAT!!!!!! I love it.
(it was also white..I sprayed Ruby Shimmerz Spritz on it also..)

Stop by the blog ALL MONTH to see projects
and get all kinds of inspiration.

one more thing before I go.
I'm NOT afraid to say this...
In fact..after I say it I'll WAIT for you to do it.
**Right now...GO..FEEL...YOUR....TA-TA's**
I'm waiting....

Did you?

now go spread the word, tell every girl across the nation to do the same!
Thank you...

p.s. this post is not only dedicated to my courageous mother in law, Lucille...
it's also dedicated to my hairdresser who happens to be one of my DEAREST
friends...who also battled and WON her fight against breast cancer. She's
such a blessing to my life. To my family's life...we LOVE you Sherilyn!

and one more dedication:
to ALL of YOU, all you women who have fought this battle, to all
of you who have supported, fought right along with your loved ones,
to all of you who have been there, treated these ladies, given them the
courage and support they so deserve and need...THANK YOU.
This post is to you too....

Thank you very much for reading!
Don't forget to check out this Breast Cancer Awareness link:
Susan G Komen for the CURE....


Sue said...

Leslie, your creations and your dedication are beautiful! And, so my dear, are you! Have a blessed day!

Jocelyn said...

Oh stunning...I adore the House of Hope and the Lo's....ahhhhhh...beautiful!!! You make me smile when I see your awesome talent!!!! Love ya girlie!!! :-)

Pam said...

That little house is just too cute! And I love the beautiful layout too! I just ordered some shimmerz yesterday and I can't wait to play with them!

kimosabescraps said...

wow what beautiful projects you have created!!!
I lost my mom 5 years ago to this disease so I love doing challenges and dedications to honor her through art.. esp because she was also an artist!!
Love the shimmerz too..I just got some in the mail.. will have to break them out and play!

Angela W said...

Beautiful! I love all you do and these are no exception!

Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Love your pink projects. The House of Hope is so creative and as always, the layout is stunning!

Shirley said...

Beautiful story and House of Hope!

Daniela said...

Beautiful work!!!

TriciaNae said...

Gorgeous stuff. That house is adorable!!

sarah said...

that house is outta control STUNNING!! i love it!!

so inspiring.


Nicole said...

All your pink goodies make me happy! SO cute! Makes me want to scrap!

photoluv said...

What an adorable breast cancer house. And that page...... OH MY GOODNESS..... It is breath taking.

Laura Fiore said...

Such a beautiful house, and story Leslie. Thanks so much for sharing you with your Savannah layout too...she is lovely, and so are all of your details!

Sasha Holloway said...


Did you hear that loud and clear I hope you got me wanting to get some more shimmerz in pink .. WOW .. I love it

these are so good girl.

Dena said...

Love it. Love you! You rock all there is to it!

suezi said...

Great post! Very powerful! Thanks for the reminder...went and felt the girls up right after I read your post!