Friday, November 20, 2009

**Happy Jolly Days?**

What's THAT you ask?
My titles.
They are so goofy sometimes.
So funny, so true, so silly ME.
I bet you thought I was telling you to have a Happy Holiday, right?
Well I sorta was....

Actually..."Happy Jolly Days" is my class @ Scrappers Boutique.
(North Richland Hills, Texas.)
It's my FIRST Shimmerz Education Class!
I am SO excited. SOOO excited.

There will be more information on the Scrappers Boutique blog soon..
The date is:  December 8th @ 6:30 pm
I hope to see you there!
Hurry and sign up...classes fill up FAST!

Hope you have a GREAT weekend!
We're leaving this morning to go here:
so he:


can take his ACT right on the campus
(his future college home fall of 2010, eek!)
While he's doing that...
hubby and I are going to find the theater
because I can't wait any longer to see this:

wow. that's SOME kind of sparkle. 

Oh and before I go...
yes I will load my last class photo's
this weekend, before we head out to
Tennessee and North Carolina next week.
For Gobble Gobble day.....


**DON'T FORGET! Shimmerz is having a DT call!! I am so lucky
to be a part of this FABULOUS team.  I love love LOVE working for Shimmerz.
Such wonderful owners, DT coordinators and fellow DT members....I just
can't tell you enough how much fun this position is...
You MUST tryout. 
Not to mention Shimmerz is such a cool product, sooo yummy, so
shiney, so know, like Edward!  ;D
So go check it out...right here:  SHIMMERZ DT CALL


Jocelyn said...

Love the look at your cute!!!! I can't wait to ge my fix of some Edward also!!!!

Wishing you a great weekend!!! :-)

Melanie Stanczyk said...

Super cute project! I would love to come, but seeing we are miles and miles apart-not possible.

I hope you share more of the inside after your class!

~~Mia~~ said...

Ohhh, lovely!!!!

I saw New Moon last is incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Renee Lamb said...

hey lovely! wow -it's been TOO TOO long since I've popped in and sure have missed your goofy silly self! Love your Jolly book - and how awesome about your class! You are soooo good my friend! I was just thinking about you since I will be crossing through your neck of the woods next wednesday on our drive to Amarillo. I think we are leaving Wednesday after work and will be making a pit stop to lay our weary heads for the night in Dallas and driving the rest of the way THanksgiving DAy! but anyway - Happy THanksgiving! ♥

andie said...

LOVE the book (well the cover!)