Thursday, December 17, 2009

**Treasures in numbers....**

I love treasures.

Especially in antique stores.

I love this little tiny store in Etowah, TN
on the main street, in the main part of town,
which..if you blinked you'd miss it....
where you felt like once you walked in it, you
went back to all the years, imagining yourself
in each era of things you picked up.....
that is pure happiness.

Just look at my treasures I found:

The big cup and tiny cups are going to hold
treasures on my scrap desk.

just look at this old stamp we found that
they used to use at the newspaper printing press:

So see...why I saved this to show you
in it's own post?
I'm even going to scrapbook my treasures.

Hope your day is Merry...
off to get some last minute creating done...
lots of love...


Daniela said...

Love your little finds!!! I love the cups and that stamp!!!

Anonymous said...

I want it aLLLLLLL! :D

kimmi achord said...

whoops.. that's me above :D

Jocelyn said...

love these wonderful goodies!!!!

photoluv said...

Buttons Buttons Who got the Buttons. I really love that old newspaper stamp. Reminds me of my "train-loving" son. That reminds me. I need to do a layout of his train crave. And his CARS. And transformers. Oh now my brain is rolling with ideas.