Sunday, December 13, 2009

**Where you going to put a tree THAT size?**

best line ever from Christmas Vacation.
Best holiday movie.

well that one and The Holiday. 
Seen it? you must!

Speaking of Holidays...
Have you seen the December The Girls Loft kit?
Get it!! You will want to roll in it like I did once you receive
all the goodies inside.
I had the best time creating:

See...did I NOT say this was the BEST kit?
(I know I say it every month. Hey I mean it!
Margie, Brooke & Megan put together FABBBBBulous kits!

Want to see a few of the boy's SR. pics?
Andie Smith @
took them @ Sundance Square in
Dowtown Fort Worth, Texas.

He was HILARIOUS yet serious yet
totally into his shoot.
check it out:

Shaypher was on his game.

and finally..
since I've probably bored you enough
with photo's...
I'll share some of our trip pics
and my treasures with you next post.

I wanted to close with how blessed I am.
This guy:

(ok so yes, this is from our trip, LOL)
is on the way to the grocery store.
To get ingredients for a yummy italian
chicken/sausage spaghetti dinner we saw
in our Holiday Food Network magazine.
Then...he's going to cook it.
HE is.
all because he wants to.
I know...
(but so is he, hee hee....)

Merry Christmas!


Sasha Holloway said...

You are very much blessed .. you spicey tamale you .. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics, the layouts the post .. you ..


Oh I owe you a phone call huh .. **hangs head in shame**

Sara said...

wow! your creations are just incredible! thanks for the inspiration :)


Jocelyn said...

The creations are stunning always!!!!

Love the pics of the family and I must also are Blessed!!! :-)

Lea L. said...

Ca-ute layouts Leslie!! And while Christmas Vacation is a great movie...I have to say that Elf is the best Christmas movie ever. Tee hee! Those photos are fab as well...I love the one of Shaypher leaning against the traffic pole!


Joy-N-Jesus said...

awesome layouts, adorable boxes, and great photos! Alway enjoy your work!!

photoluv said...

Gorgous photos. Love the layouts like always. Where do you find your sheet music at? Great use of them.