Thursday, February 25, 2010

**Denimized Shimmer...Shimmerized Denim...**

which sounds better?
Either way....
I LOVE love love how Shimmerz Vibez looks
on denim!!

My cute hubby was throwing out some jeans
he doesn't wear anymore. I had a GREAT idea
and asked him if he minded if I took them...
I couldn't of course wear them, he's
about 34873847387872232 times taller
than I am....(tee hee)

I love the look of those roses everyone's
been doing from paper and fabric.
THAT was my great idea...I took that cool
technique and cut my denim into roses....

Sprayed them with Shimmerz, painted them with
Shimmerz Blingz and Pearls and this is the outcome:
I sprayed each denim rose with RazzleDazzle Berry Shimmerz Vibez.
The Vibez is so cool..I love how it soaked up in my denim and made it look
 a tad bit shabby---with some killer effects of already being
that color! Love it...
I used my heat gun to speed up the drying process.
Next I painted the
tips of my roses with Pixie Dust Blingz
for just a little bit more sparkle.
Then on some of the petals I painted
more dimension and color.
I really like how this turned out.

I used Prima leaves that are natural in color
and sprayed them with Shimmerz Vibez in
Vertigre. After drying with my heatgun
I painted the edges with Ballet Slipper Pearlz.

Here's a few close ups:

I don't plan on putting this page in my albums.
It's one of Savannah's SR. photo's
( so I'm going
to display it on an easel in my home.

This is one of the two layouts I completed at my crop
this weekend.  My other one is for The Button Shop.
It will be posted March 8th. ;D

If you are wanting to make a flatter flower so that it
can fit in your album and you want to use denim and Shimmerz...
I'd suggest you trace a flower, cut it out, then go to town
spraying on the sparkle...
Remember before throwing out those old ratty jeans...
you could make them into a masterpiece...
Have fun!!
Show me what you did!

Have a wonderful day friends!
Don't forget to say hi...