Tuesday, February 9, 2010

*I love....*

Thought since I'm right in the middle of creating
fun things with The Girls Loft February Kit...
AND being this is the week of L♥VE....

I'd post a few things I just love....

my new toy the hubs got me...for my birthday last month.
Love*LOVE*♥♥♥ it. I named it:  (SHUSH..no laughing)
"Mr. Droidenairre"
he pretty much rocks! (he being hubby of course, LOL)

some pretties....

all of these lovelies. And I'm not just saying that.
Ok so I might be a *little* biased...but still...
a new box of all the colors is coming to me soon...yippee!!


Umm...yeah, pretty much THE best chicken. EVER.
If you ever see my FB status saying all things
DELICIOUS about this place...
now you know.
Just give me an i.v. and take away
the pounds it will definitely give if I 
could really  i.v. myself
every meal.....
But seriously,
Come to Texas. I'll take ya....;D
(just a shot I took...)

Good reads:
this book. LOVED it. He's one of my FAVE
authors and...I LOVE that they make his books into movies!
This one's coming soon...
Miley Cyrus will play the lead girl...

(also can't wait to see "Dear John"...read it too, loved it.)

and I love fun news, especially from:

♥ (frst time ever)

and because I just can't end a post
with what (errr I mean who)
I love the most (poet much?):

LOVE them. 

So, that's a little l♥vin' from me...

Been down with an ear issue the past few days
but good news!
FEELING much better, MUCH MUCH better.
Thank you for all the well wishes. I ♥ y'all!

Be back in a few with my The Girls Loft Feb. sneaks...
(yes, you WILL want this kit. Trust me.)

Hope you get lots of love this week!


gscrapbooks said...

I wish I had a reason to have that phone. We've got Verizon and I was totally drooling! Can't wait to see your sneaks!

Mary Patterson-Ezzell said...

super cute post - lots of yummy *loves* can't wait to see your sneaks! have a wonderful day sweetie! smiles, m-

Nitasha said...

Aww..love your loves- and too funny my friend just suggested Babes to me when I told her I needed to find a cool place for my hubby to take me to lunch on my b-day this week! Small world! And so love all those Vibez!

Meg Giroux said...

Leslie, I love Nicholas sparks too!! I haven't read The Last Song yet, and I am hoping to see Dear John this weekend!!!

I am thinking you have been published in the magazines you are showing? Congrats!!

Have a great week:)

Ginny said...

Just found your blog - so much fun. Last Song was filmed on Tybee Island, GA last summer. My grandchildren & I were extras in one of the carnival scenes. So very fun, especially if you're 11 & TOTALLY in love with Miley!