Friday, February 19, 2010

**Lost In Translation....Puppy Style**

(that's doggie talk for "ATTENTION everyone")

::arf arf ARF...WOOF..arf::
(Hi, it's ME DUSTER, yo.)

::Woof Arf WOOF ARF woof woof.::pant::squirrel! arf::
(My mom asked ME, her pup to post for her...squirrel!)

::woof woof arf woof arf arf arf woof arf...grrrr....::
(She will be back in a little while to draw a winner for her giveaway
of  her cleaned and purged scrappy desk.
See Post Below.)

::woof woof WOOOOOOOOFFFFF arf arf::
(something about a Princess is coming home for
the weekend?)

::arf arf arf arf  arf arf arf woof woof WOOF::
(in other words, you still have some time to get a comment
in if you want to be considered for the drawing, YAY!)

:Arf, ARF WOOF woof woof woof::drool::
(& ON THAT note, I'm off to find the squirrel.)

::arf woof arf::
(with my bro's.)

::arf arf::
(chow chow)

(I think I heard....treat!)