Friday, February 19, 2010

**Lost In Translation....Puppy Style**

(that's doggie talk for "ATTENTION everyone")

::arf arf ARF...WOOF..arf::
(Hi, it's ME DUSTER, yo.)

::Woof Arf WOOF ARF woof woof.::pant::squirrel! arf::
(My mom asked ME, her pup to post for her...squirrel!)

::woof woof arf woof arf arf arf woof arf...grrrr....::
(She will be back in a little while to draw a winner for her giveaway
of  her cleaned and purged scrappy desk.
See Post Below.)

::woof woof WOOOOOOOOFFFFF arf arf::
(something about a Princess is coming home for
the weekend?)

::arf arf arf arf  arf arf arf woof woof WOOF::
(in other words, you still have some time to get a comment
in if you want to be considered for the drawing, YAY!)

:Arf, ARF WOOF woof woof woof::drool::
(& ON THAT note, I'm off to find the squirrel.)

::arf woof arf::
(with my bro's.)

::arf arf::
(chow chow)

(I think I heard....treat!)


Kelli said...

{perk!?!?!?} Giveaway!?!?!?!?

I'm now a faithful follower of your fabulous blog! See?

"Congratulations, Kelli Weston
You are now following a.sprinkle.of.this.and.a.dash.of.that"


Kimberly said...

OMGoodness...this is cracking me up! Giggle *snort*...I love this!!! Hehehe. xoxo

Renee said...

'So, so, cute!! Thanks for sharing! Have a wonderful weekend, Leslie!!

klasickewpie said...

So which one is bigger...Duster or the squirrel? Duster sure is stylin' in that far out t-shirt. Enjoyed your post for today.

April said...


HEHEHE!!! Seriously I think I should had read this in the morning. 2AM reading is not helping me get to sleep when I read something this funny. LOL

Your puppy is so CUTE too!!

Juliana said...

Hi Duster!!!

Seriously Leslie! This post is too stinkin' adorable!!!!

Anonymous said...

that pic is just adorable!!
mary t

sanjeet said...

Congratulations, Kelli Weston

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