Thursday, February 4, 2010

*Lucky In Love*

Yep...that's me.
But more blessed than lucky.
WAY  more....

Today I'm sharing with you my  1st assignments
I've done using my Shabby Chic tags.
Let me tell you about these fabu tags. Yes I said fabu...
as in fabu-licious! ;D 

I seriously love how versatile these LOVE tags are.
You can use them for anything!
Lovecards, love projects, non-love cards,
non-love projects. By non love I mean...
NOT valentines...because everything you create is
with love, right? ;D

I hope you enjoy what I did:
{**warning** PHOTO (and love) HEAVY!}

My loves

See? this one's full of love, either heart day love or non heart day love
check it out closer:
I cut one of the journaling labels in half and used as leaves.
I was kinda proud of me for that. ;D

and here's how lucky I am. (wait I mean blessed!)

clustering is my fave.  I love putting things in groups.
Especially when it comes to these tags!
This is one that could go either way, love or non love ..
(sorry for the poor quality, the weather today is dreary,
making my photo's of everything weary....looking.)

and I just love this kid:

see? So not a "love" layout (meaning Valentine's)
but still such a "love" layout (meaning...well...he's just loveable...)
(p.s. photography by
One of the boy's SR. photo's. ♥)

and one more layout:
because I LOVE love love HIM:
(hard to believe it's almost 20 years for us!)

yep...seems like only yesterday I fell in love...♥
I know, sorry to gross you all out....
but see? blessed.!
he's a keeper!
love those word cloud tags. Bet you couldn't tell, right?
Trust me, get your hands on them.

Want to see a little closer?

can I tell you how long that stitching took me?
since I can't "sew" with a machine, I have to resort
to hand....I think I watched an entire episode of
"Toddlers & Tiara's!" (stop laughing I love that show. I too
could have been a pageant mom, but not one of those that
does the moves in the sireebob!
So you're welcomem, Savannah.
Stopping pageants at 2 years old was your lucky day ;D)

Sorry...sidetracked  here....
want to see a card I made and actually LIKE?
(I'm SO not a card girl...I leave those for professionals!)

that was so easy. I think it took me what...15 minutes? (and that was just the stitching, LOL)
oh hey! I see adhesive! Ok ignore that...
now,  saving the best for last.
I LOVE this itty mini I did of "my loves".
and before you send me a note or 2 or blast me for using the same
title on 2 projects...remember it was after midnight
(and I plead the 5th on what time it actually was,
my mom reads here, ha!)
I know I did. On purpose.  (would you believe people
tell me I use the same photo, title and/or colors LOTS?
HMPH! ahh well...that's the thing with paper, glue and pics,
you get to do what you want...;D)
SOOO here's my mini:

I am. Blessed.
That's all for the love today...
Hope you've enjoyed it.

**don't forget to go to Shabby Chic and stock up
on all the tags I've used...PLUS more!!!! Enjoy
your shopping experience.  :D


Shirley said...

AMAZING, Leslie!

Kimberly said...

OMGosh girl....YOU seriously RAWKED every one of these creations...LOVE every detail...YOU so inspire me!!!
LOVE it all! oxox
Love ya,

Zarah said...

Love, love, love, LOOOVE them alls!!

Lori Renn said...

Wow, these creations ALL just blew me away! Vday is my FAVE!!

Ki Kruk said...

WOW Leslie, you amaze me! Just love every single thing you did! Truly beautiful and so special!

Mary Patterson-Ezzell said...

totally amazing work girly!! you are my hero. i love everything!!! thx for the fab inspo!! smiles, m-

Sara said...

wow! those layouts rock and that mini album is brilliant!

thanks for sharing :)


Danielle said...

Leslie, I am overwhelmed with so many gorgeous things in one post!!!!!! WOW!!

Amy Coose said...

These are all just so amazing! Love the LO of Shaypher, your work can't possible get any better.

Amanda Profumo said...

I enjoyed your creations so much! Your LO's and mini book AND your card are super fab! Your are wonderfully talented, and richly blessed! ;)

Pam said...

Wow! Stunning work!!!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Wow Leslie. You're amazing. Your layouts, your cards, your projects. Just wow.

Veronica said...

Wow, gorgeous work! Those embellies are just amazing!

Just Rhonda said...


Shabby Chic Crafts said...

I think you my dear are AMAZING!! I am in awe of your creations and feel so blessed to have you helping me!! The stress of creating by myself this year has been removed, and YOU have helped me so much!! People LOVE you!!!

Thank you!! My sweet lady!!

Tessa Ann* said...

Beautiful work, Leslie!!!!!!!!
So full of love and creativity :)
Thanks for the dose of inspiration I needed today.
PS: I even spotted some of my cute buttons.hehe!

dstandard said...

WOW - exhausted - looking at all your rocking talent girl! Your pages are awesome! Every single page stands alone!

Daniela said...

Wow, I love it all!!! That card is adorable. A ton of eye candy. Love the mini, too!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

this is bad. bad in a way that i can;t even pick a favorite. at. all. You're FABU, girl!! they're all perfection!

Pam said...

Beautiful stuff as always Leslie! I am just loving your big bows and clustering!

Patti said...

gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous

Dollie Evans said...

wow love the mini lots of layers and details I am bookmarking your site to viist again