Saturday, February 20, 2010

**Picked A Winner...PLUS CCCHH Changes**

What do you think? Notice anything???

I bet you do because it's the first thing I SEE!!
My NEW BANNER!! Isn't it yummy?
I LOVE the design, the colors...ALL of it.

My SWEET SWEET friend....
(and have I mentioned SWEET friend?)
Kimberly Neddo
(click her will be SO inspired...she is
ONE talented girl..and did I mention...
SWEET? that girl.)
made that for me!!! 
I can't thank  you ENOUGH Kimberly..
LOVE YA bunches!

I see my boy below told you guys
I wasn't around yesterday to pick a winner
(wow, that sounds SO wrong, LOL)
Our girl came home for the weekend
and I was with her every minute...gotta get
those sweet moments in when I can. We don't
see her enough! Well in my opinion anyway...
tee hee!! she's probably thinking....
"a little too much Mom?"...

So without further adieu....
I've cleaned and purged.
I've got a flat rate box ready....
to go to.....




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who happens to be:

klasickewpie said...

Oh yes! I'm already a follower. I must buy some of those
buttons, as they would be perfect to designiate the
birthdays on the new magnetic calendar I just got.
A little glue, a little magnet and there you have it..
.cute as a button. So sweet on your LO used as a
topper on the folded flower too!.

February 17, 2010 10:24 PM

Just email me at:  leslieashe(at)att(dot)net

and I'll get your box on your way to you
early next week!!

Thank you EVERYONE for your sweet comments!
I adore you all!

Have a LOVELY lovely day.
Me and the girl are going to meet my sweet sister
for lunch. Then.......
I'm off to crop with a new friend and I'm SO excited...
meeting my fellow Shimmerz DT girl Taj White
at Scrappers Boutique for a night of fun!
I can't WAIT!