Friday, February 12, 2010

**Sneaks? Blizzards? Texas? WHAT?**

What the what?
Isn't that a Dairy Queen special?

Record breaking snowfall! It's been doing this ALL day.
Started around 2 am...heard the wind...looked outside and
was like "why hello there global warming...."
Just check this out:

My house today.  My hubby took this for me...

that thing on the left isn't a thing. Well it is...
it used to be a palm tree.
It got scared of the powdery white stuff, obviously!
those little things?
cute doggie paws...wait...where are they?
Under all that?

Here they are!
Well 2 of them...
running for dear life. No actually..guess what they are doing?
it was so funny...they'd jump up and bite the flakes.
I was DYING laughing ...
here's the oldest:
(sorry for the blurries...the snow was in my face
and they dogs were moving FAST!)

He's a middle sized, 20 lb dog.
Do you see his leg?
This is Texas...right?
I'm not sure how old I was the last time
I saw snow like this.
Was I even HERE then?

I haven't built a snowman yet.
I need to.
I wanted a heart shaped one.
That would be hard though, huh.

Sorry if I've bored the badonkers out of you...
Just can't get OVER this madness.
Where's the man who said this was Global Warming?
Lemme go shake his hand....(or hers? LOL)

OHH, wait.
You had a reason for coming here, didn't you.
Not to see snow, because you've seen it all
before, yes? Well...have I got something to show you!
First off...have  you checked out this month's GOODNESS
of a kit at "The Girls Loft?" Let me show you....

Delicious, right?  I mean...REALLY!!!
*YOU.MUST.HAVE* (go ahead, click the link, get it....♥)

Here's a few sneaks of what I did with the kit:

can't wait to share with you!
Enjoy your love weekend...
Tonight, as we hit the hay...
it's hit 10 inches snowfall and still
In fact, it's been snowing now for
24 hours.
I got out tonight as it was just 8.34 inches
and got these:

(rented them both on ITunes yesterday to
watch while creating...fell in love and had to have.)
This is our ♥ Day. 
this + some italian dish + some sort of chocolate dish
= happiness.

May your ♥ be full of
all things love like, chocolate like,
flowery like...whatever you like.