Monday, March 22, 2010

**Goings On**

Hi friends...hope you're doing well!
How was your weekend?
Your first day of Spring?
Ours looked a little something like this:
that's right...
this IS Texas.
and THAT
is snow.
I love God's sense of humor.
(Get ready...I'm digging deep here...)
I love how HE shows us that in ALL things...
be it springy spring (which we DID have the day before with our 70 degree Friday)
or a beautiful wintery one...(hello Saturday.) to fully rely on Him.

I know you're thinking... "WHAT is she talking about?"

Well let me explain a bit.
There's been a few trials we've had to go through lately.
{tough ones to be exact.}
I'm one to worry. One to wonder..."oh goodness, what next."
One to throw in the towel and say..."I give up."
When I stepped outside late Saturday night to get
in my car and saw my car piled with snow as if I
were in New York City on New Years Day...I giggled.
I got it. I listened.  HE was talking to me.
and...I truly listened.
Then...again I giggled. know you're a scrapper in Texas when you use
chipboard to rake snow off your windows instead of a scraper.
(Because being Texan...scrapers aren't something you'd find
in my glove compartment.  My garage

I went to Scrappers Boutique on Saturday & cropped
all day & all night long with 2 of my sweet SWEET
Those girls kill me. Love them to pieces...they make me
laugh like no one's business!!
I worked on a few things.
One being my upcoming class at Scrappers Boutique.
I'll have it scheduled tomorrow and will come post
the date, time and even show you the entire piece then!
It's a class using all things spring!
7 Gypsies printer tray, Shimmerz, Jenni B.,
Dear Lizzy, and...well you'll just have to check back.
I'll share a snippet of it with you right now:

I'm so excited...
I can't wait to show you the rest!

Want to see a few things I did
using Shimmerz while at the crop?
(these will be debuted on the Shimmerz Blog as well as my own
tomorrow, so check back)

I'll stop being so long winded now...
Just wanted to continue to thank you SO much for the
prayers. We love you all so so much.
That light is starting to get brighter. An end is in sight.
I'll be at the other end of the tunnel in no time, right?
Thank you to my Heavenly Father for reminding me...
through that beautiful short Wintery Spring....
He's there.

Love to all,