Monday, March 8, 2010

*Star Quality, Buttons, plus a rough one...**

It's true.
I've got a couple of Star Quality kids.
I mean..I know every parent says that.
And I know every parent does.
But. It's true. I do.
I love to tell you about how fabulous these kiddo's are,
what they mean to me,
how they've helped me become the mom
I am. The woman I am.
The person I am.
I'm not perfect. I make mistakes.
Decisions that aren't always right,
but decisions that are. I live my life to the fullest
and make sure my kids do too.
I love the me I am. I love the life I live.

I'd like to take a quick moment to give
God all the glory for blessing me
with my 2 Star Quality kids.
And now I'd like to show you a layout I did
about one of mine...the boy.
He's graduating in a few weeks. I'm getting ready to order
graduation announcements. ::sigh::.
I'm not ready.
But are we ever?
Here's my Star Quality boy.

I created this layout using Tessa Ann Design buttons..go get them.
They are:  Oh Snap!! They can be found by clicking the link.
Go get them!
Wait...go get ALL of Tessa Ann's fab buttons!
(photography by eight 18 photography)
I just love that camera button in this set! AND the stars...
ohhh I love love LOVE stars.
Tessa Ann is so creative!!
I'm so lucky to be on her creative team!
It's my week on her blog, so go check it OUT!

I've got closeup's for you too:
(had to remove layout for publication. it will be back soon!)

I hope you've enjoyed seeing these gorgeous buttons at work.
Thank you for stopping by to check them out.

I'm going to humble myself before friends and family.
If you are a praying person...
could you PLEASE lift a silent prayer up for my family?
Just to let you know, no one is hurt. No one is sick.
We just need serious prayers.
It was a rough ROUGH week last week.
Hoping that the light I can see glimmering
at the end of the tunnel will soon be shining
so bright I need to shade them.

I thank you from the tip of my heart to the bottom.
and if I could...I'd give you all a huge hug.



Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

Gorgeous page! I love the denim stars! There is nothing wrong with believing you have the best kids in the world! They are stars!

Keeping your family in our prayers that all is well! {{hugs}}

Danielle said...

I will continue praying for you Leslie. If you want to chat, you know I am here. Lots of hugs and love to you! and your layout is gorgeous, but they ALL are!!!!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

That camera button!?! Soooo cute. Tessa Ann is amazing. Great layout!

Kimberly said...

So GORGEOUS!...I LOVE your use of denim! AWESOME inspiration to share with us all! xoxo
love ya,

Danielle said...

your page is gorgeous, love those stars and the title on the pic! gosh, he's a handsome kid! i hope whatever you are going through passes soon. hugs,

Amy Wilges said...

love this layout girl. you are in my thougths and prayers. i think of you often even though we don't hang on any scrappy sites together anymore. :( wishing you much happiness VERY soon. {smooches}


Renee Lamb said...

First off - hugs to you! you have all the prayers in the world from me - and secondly - love that layout of your baby boy who isn't such a baby anymore. I can't believe it's already that time for graduation with him. Just seems like you had gone through this with Savannah last WEEK! Time goes by so quickly (like I'm sure I have to tell you! ha) -

Julie Overby said...

Oh Leslie! I will be praying for sure, for you and your family to have peace and strength and all that you need to make it through whatever it is you are going through!

I love your layout and I can't even tell you how much I miss you and your art.

It was also fun to read about your kid's friend on AI. That's so awesome!