Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Can I just tell you how PROUD I am of our local Fort Worth
boy, fellow friend of both my kids
American Idol Contestant Alex Lambert?

That kid, through his fears, proves to all of America...
he's got it.  I LOVE his voice.

Did you hear him last night?

I think it's cool that the kids can root on a friend like that...
We're certainly rooting for him, GOOO Alex. We know you
can make it far!

In other news....
the princess comes home this Friday for Spring Break...
yippee!!  I'm so excited to get to spend the entire week
with her...doing girly things. Afterall...I AM the only
girl right now in this full of men (both human and dogs, LOL)
so it will be nice...

OH! And tomorrow night @ midnight
The hubs & I will be here....
3D'ing it....

SO excited.  CANNOT wait.
LOVE Johnny Depp. LOVE him.

Guess what else!
I'm a guest blogger.
I've never been a guest blogger before!
Sudie, sweet sweet Sudie @ Unkit
asked me to be her guest this week.
It's just gone live.
Thanks for having me Sudie!
THAT was FUN!!!

off to watch the girls on Idol.
Have a GREAT night.

I got this in the mail today:
The Girls Loft March kit.
Sneaks coming soon...