Wednesday, April 28, 2010

**Lucky doesn't even come CLOSE**

to me being the one chosen to be this kids mom:

Happy 18th birthday, son.
You make my heart so happy.
Your smile, your laughter, your desire to be all you can be...
are the light of our lives!
Go  forth, press on...enjoy your day!

Because it's Shaypher's special day...
I'm showing you some of my favorite layouts
and photo's of him...

(heading to pick up his date for her prom this past weekend)

(Shaypher and his date...they just sent me this pic, I had to upload!)
--his prom is this coming Saturday, I'll load my pics then...yay!--
and some of my fave layouts:


and just because I adore this one from eight18 photography:

Happy Birthday, Shaypher.
Happy Day everyone!

(be back soon with lots of fun things I've been working on!)