Tuesday, May 18, 2010


20 years.
In Twenty-ten.

We did it.
We DID it!
( if I could do a herkie I would.)
Today is one heck-of-a special day.
It's a day full of ♥
See because 20 years ago today.
I said "I do." AND...so did he.

20 years.
Funny thing.
I remember back to the DAY hearing something
I probably shouldn't have. But now, I am so glad I did.
It made me determined.
It made US determined to make it to where we are today.
It made us determined to make it BEYOND where we are today.
Kinda like to infinity. and beyond.
Oh. What did I hear? Well...
I overheard this...
"I give it a year."
hmph. take that plus 19 more. and more and more and more.
(side note: I have no idea where it came from.
I have no idea who it came from. Why?
I did NOT turn around to see. I didn't want to.

my eyeballs were full of tears.)

If you're into mushy lovey dovey stuff...continue on.
If not, it's ok...I understand....
I am, so I'm telling our happy day story.
(I'd tell you our entire story, our 20  years worth,
but good gracious we'd be here ALL month! LOL)

We had a BIG wedding planned.
Dress was being made from scratch in this gorgeous
lace store I found....it was going to be ivory lace with tulle...
bridesmaid dresses patterns were bought. fabric was bought.
(my mom was sewing them..I only had 3 bridesmaids planned)
invitations addressed and ready to go.
we decided...
is it worth this?
or is it WORTH it to just go get married downtown,
have a huge reception and honeymoon?
We so did the latter.

And...got married....in.....
Ok so not really JAIL per se...no one was in trouble.
We picked a date (it was May...who in the HECK wanted
to wait til November after deciding we couldn't live without
each other any longer?) and went downtown Fort Worth.
Checked in at the front.
and were told...
"oh. that judge is out sick today.
the only judge available is in the criminal courts bldg."
(wait...you mean jail? you want us to get married in jail?)
yes. that is exactly what they meant.
(can you imagine the stories I would get to come up with to tell our
future children? ;D)

I wish you could have seen the LOOKS on
our guests faces (the family friends who were with us.)
when we said..."well we have to go to jail."
off we went.
to jail.

to say I do.
to say..."forever".
and you know what?
we meant it...
because that was 20 years ago.
Happy Anniversary to you Alan..., my sweet Prince Charming.

for you I am grateful.
thank you for making me the luckiest  most blessed
girl on the planet.
Thank you for treating me like I am your Princess...
I ♥ you more today than I did 20 years ago.
and I was crazy in love then. GIDDY. Can you imagine what 20 years
has done to me now?
Giddy times 20. yup, that about sums it up.
20 years + 2 kiddo's + 4 dogs  = the.life.i.always.dreamed.of.as.a.little.girl.

thought you'd like to see some sneaks of The Girls Loft May kit,
which...by the way...is FULL of Margie's new line from
The Girls Paperie - Paper Girl..

and another:
and one more:

Thanks for letting me share with you today.
my silly story AND creations.
Enjoy your day.
We're off to celebrate this evening with dinner...
then a quiet evening at home in front of our tv catching up
on shows we love...(I know, we are BORING...but we LOVE