Sunday, May 30, 2010

**Graduates, please move your tassels...**

it's here.
THE day.

way to sneak up on me time.
SO not ready.
Just one year ago today I was in this exact spot with my girl.
Now it's HIS turn? Seriously.
Well today I dedicate this post to this this little guy:
this one that probably had NO idea what it meant that
day to hear the words:
"Graduates, please move your tassels...."

this little guy, who is STILL a ham today:

this little guy who, to this day, can't go a day without flashing those dimples:

this little guy who has big dreams and will pursue them each day:
this little guy who's the light of our lives.
the joy in our steps.
the sunshine in our rain.
(or, our umbrella's.)
this little guy who
as of 7:30 pm tonight
will not be so little anymore.
(I mean he's already NOT so little, but you know what I mean)
this little guy will walk across the BIG stage.
will accept that big diploma and shake a big hand.
will take a photo holding that diploma.
will stand as they honor him (and others) as a Texas Scholar.
will shout, woo hoo, throw that cap afterwards
and most of all...
will know EXACTLY what those words mean as he hears them:
"graduates, please move your tassels....."
Godspeed little guy.
you did it.
you finished 13 years of school.
next stop?
Hardin Simmons University.
Way to go son:
We are so proud of you.

(graduation pics to follow)