Friday, May 28, 2010

*So I pretty much love them*

this is a weekend of mush.
I mean a good kind of mush of course.
My sweet boy is graduating high school Sunday.
He is.
Be sure to check back Sunday.
I've got a cute post just for him...(he'll die of course)

But until then....
I just wanted to let each one of my fam know
how much they mean to me.
mush. see, told you.


makes me proud. makes us ALL proud.
is always smiling.
the first to make you laugh.
he loves life. you can just tell by looking at him.
that's my boy.
my light.
the youngest in our fam.
the last bird to leave our nest.

is my world.
has a laugh that's so contagious, you'll be laughing too.
for no reason.
is my firstborn.
made me a mom.
makes me the proudest mom ever.
just finished her first year of college.
is very strong minded, yet gentle hearted.
is my girl.

and finally...the best is last:
is my everything.
is my rock. my shield.
my best friend.
my #1 fan of what I do.
and the best cheerleader ever.

I love you guys.
just had to tell you.