Tuesday, June 22, 2010

**For The ♥ of Art...**

Hi friends!!
I'm exploding...with delight!

I am SO excited to share this news.
I have a sweet SWEET friend named Norma.
She called me a couple of days ago
with some wonderful WONDERFUL news.

She told me that along with several other ladies that I was chosen
to be a part of  the Design Team for her brand new store:

I'm BEAMING. I am HONORED, and so humbled
I can't WAIT!
I thank YOU Norma & Damien for giving me THIS opportunity
& I cannot WAIT one more second to get started.
I'm THAT excited.
I know I must have sounded like a blubbering idiot when you called...
Being totally beside myself and having to hold it in as we were driving
to my dad's for Father's Day -- I didn't want to burst anyone's ear drums
in the car. Although *ahem* I might have done that. LOL!

I want to congratulate the ENTIRE group of girls!
Still cannot believe I am one of them.  I can't tell you how
honored I am to be working with you talented TALENTED ladies:

Suzy West - Creative Designer
Carrie Ferrier - Lead Designer
Leslie Ashe 
Tanis Giesbrecht
Brianne Nevill
Kate O’brien
Julie Ann Shahin
Tammy Tutterow
Amy Welch
Jessica Wilson

And 2 stamp girls….
Renee Lamb
Ellen Sosnoski

Go quickly to the site:  For The Luv Of Art and sign up to
be part of the boards, it's so HOMEY and FUN there!
Everyone is so warm & welcoming!!
Also...get yourself some shopping done while there!
Stop by the gallery, check it out & upload some of your work..
we'd LOVE to see it!!

Here's a link to the For The Luv of Art blog...enjoy!!

Let the fun begin!
Have a wonderful day...


Shirley said...

Congrats, Leslie!!

Renee said...

Oh, wow, I am so happy for you, Leslie. Big congrats and hugs to you.

Melonie said...

Just signed myself up today after seeing some amazing names on the DT list:) You are amazing and so deserving!! Can't wait to create and share over there:)

Julie Ann Shahin said...

Yay!!!!! We've got a rockin' team! Love your blog Leslie, so awesome!!!

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

that is soo exciting, congratulations!!

ellen s. said...

yeah! yeah! yeah! congrats!!!

April said...

Congrats!! I know you'll do a fabulous job. ;)
- April

JessiW said...

I actually thought that at first she had accidentally called me!!! Then after it sunk in I got off the phone squealing and Lucas, my 4 yr old did a happy dance with me! I'm such a big kid LOL!!!

Charlene said...

I CAN believe you were picked!! You are an awesome scrapper!!! Congrats!!

Sheri (Aunt Re Re) said...

What awesome news! Congrats to you and the rest of the team!

Renee Lamb said...

Hey hun! I'm so happy to be sharing this journey with you and am soooo glad to be back on the boards with ya! missed your crazy self!

Erin Bassett said...

What a great team! Congrats!!

Sasha Holloway said...

you sweet juicy of a lover you .. I AM SO SO happy for you ..

your design skills are just spreading all over the place .. you go girl ..

and YES I just started making them going to put them in my store

Amy said...

Congrats again girl! I am so happy to be on this team with you !

Staci said...

yay, BIG congrats my friend! they're lucky to have you!

Anonymous said...

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