Tuesday, June 22, 2010

**For The ♥ of Art...**

Hi friends!!
I'm exploding...with delight!

I am SO excited to share this news.
I have a sweet SWEET friend named Norma.
She called me a couple of days ago
with some wonderful WONDERFUL news.

She told me that along with several other ladies that I was chosen
to be a part of  the Design Team for her brand new store:

I'm BEAMING. I am HONORED, and so humbled
I can't WAIT!
I thank YOU Norma & Damien for giving me THIS opportunity
& I cannot WAIT one more second to get started.
I'm THAT excited.
I know I must have sounded like a blubbering idiot when you called...
Being totally beside myself and having to hold it in as we were driving
to my dad's for Father's Day -- I didn't want to burst anyone's ear drums
in the car. Although *ahem* I might have done that. LOL!

I want to congratulate the ENTIRE group of girls!
Still cannot believe I am one of them.  I can't tell you how
honored I am to be working with you talented TALENTED ladies:

Suzy West - Creative Designer
Carrie Ferrier - Lead Designer
Leslie Ashe 
Tanis Giesbrecht
Brianne Nevill
Kate O’brien
Julie Ann Shahin
Tammy Tutterow
Amy Welch
Jessica Wilson

And 2 stamp girls….
Renee Lamb
Ellen Sosnoski

Go quickly to the site:  For The Luv Of Art and sign up to
be part of the boards, it's so HOMEY and FUN there!
Everyone is so warm & welcoming!!
Also...get yourself some shopping done while there!
Stop by the gallery, check it out & upload some of your work..
we'd LOVE to see it!!

Here's a link to the For The Luv of Art blog...enjoy!!

Let the fun begin!
Have a wonderful day...