Wednesday, June 16, 2010

**The Girls Loft - June sneaks**

have you SEEN the June kit from The Girls Loft?
You have to go check it out:  The Girls Loft June kit.

The colors are yummy!
I did a few fun things...
made 2 layouts
and a little crafty thing with canvases (also using LOTS of Shimmerz!)
for my bathroom....
So. let me show you a few sneaks:

I hope you enjoy!
Can't wait for you to have this month's kit in your hands!!

So have you seen the posts lately about people being "real?" on their blogs?
I'm going to have to buckle down and get real here.
Although, I do think I am pretty real...
but I could say a few more things.
It's like I needed the push.
the courage...ya know? looking for that soon.
I also have something super fun to show you any day now --
a special "guest" appearance I was asked to honored to do it.
I love how it turned out. ALOT!

I finished this:

without giving it away...I just have to say...I LOVED IT.
She's a great writer...I didn't want it to end.

A few days ago I started this one:

it was good too! sad...but sweet too. a must read.
I finished it yesterday.

I had to go pick THIS one up yesterday...
(only because she's my FAVE ever..)

I'm starting it tonight after we watch this:

my family thought I was goofy when I pointed out my book and movie
I got yesterday are the same colors...ha!

that's it for me today...
hope you have a great one!
be back soon...
with some of the "real" me.