Wednesday, August 25, 2010

* Just because I am so...random...*

Being random today as I finish up some fun things
that I hope to share REAL soon!

When we were in Waco a few days ago, the hub and I ran into
my fave scrapbook store down there...
Crop Paper Scissors
(if you're ever in the area..GO!! It's a FUN store!)
and to my surprise I found the September ST already there.
In it I found this:
(my boy..isn't he CUTE!)

and this:

so excited to see them in print!
Thanks ALWAYS make me smile!

So because I'm so random today...
here's what I am reading right now:

SO  good. I can't put it down!
Check out Elizabeth Gilbert's entire's so neat!

and last night we watched:

pretty cute movie!!
the guy in it reminded me of my hub..only darker hair.
I have an addiction to buying new movies that are out...
even though I *have* cut back alot...this is a weakness of mine.
I watch movies over and over and over.

my fave movie that we've seen this past week though is:

I thought it was hilarious. Definitely 2 great actors together.
and we bought:

because yes, I loved it. It's my FAVORITE Nicholas Sparks
book and the movie was good too! We saw it in the theaters
but I HAD to own it.  I even liked Miley...
(so...I'll admit it. I'm a closet Miley fan.)

he's not so random...

a shot of our boy in front of his dorm door...
on move in day...gosh I miss that kid!

I promise..I'm working on a few more creations that I will share ASAP...
been in my little studio working my fingers to the bone...
be back soon!


Mel said...

Congrats on the pubs Leslie!! Great pictures of Shaypher and thanks for reminding me that I NEED to put Date Night on my Netflix que:) Hope your week is going great.

Charlene said...

Yes, congrats! It's fun to see your stuff in a magazine :-). I went on saw Eat,Pray,Love and I really enjoyed it! I wasn't sure because of the reviews. But Date night was so funny, loved it!

Juliana said...

Congrats on the pubs Leslie!!!
And thanks for sharing about the book and the movies! Will add them to my list!!!

Leigh said...

I read that book this summer, too, Leslie. I'm glad you enjoyed it-- I thought it was okay. Not sure if I'll see the movie or not.
I've been buying series seasons. We just firnished Season 1 of How I Met Your Mother and are almost done Season 1 of The Mentalist.
Take care!