Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*Operation Empty Nest*

In 6 more days Operation Empty Nest begins...
NOT that I'm thinking about it or anything...
(but in 6 more days...operation empty nest begins...)

No, not thinking about it ONE bit....

Leaving you today with these:
"So Sweet, So Blissful"

(AC dt entry)

"Go Places"
(AC dt entry)

still can't grasp the concept I'm old enough to have
2 in college. 2 flying the coop. 2 on their own figuring out "hey I'm a grown up now".
take time today with your wee ones and enjoy every single.thing.
because in no time...if you're not yet in the phase I am in will be right behind you,
knocking on your door. 

gotta run, errands are calling my name.
(kinda excited to be going to mail off some items for publication)

hugs and happy hump day,


Anabelle said...

First of all, these are amazing! I can absolutely see why AC snapped you up!!! You do girly and boyish equally well. ;) I can't belive you're going to be an empty nester. I'm already mourning the loss of summer and he's only going into second grade. I think I'm going to need several prescriptions when he leaves for college!

JessiW said...

Beautiful layouts Leslie!! I just love them:) Congrats on the pubs too:) Have a wonderful week!!

Melonie said...

These are gorgeous Leslie! I LOVE having my kids at home so I can only imagine what that stage will be like. ((((GIANT HUGS))) to you and Alan...I'm sure you 2 lovebirds will find something to do;);)

April said...

Wow, I can't even imagine what that feels like. Think of it this way though...your kids are going out to find themselves in the world...and you're going to have the chance to find YOU. Not the mom-of-two-kids you, but the I-have-tons-of-time-to-myself you inside who's been waiting to come out! Plus, think of all the crafting time you'll have and the alone time you can spend with your sweet hubby. I'm sure it'll be amazing and wonderful. :)

AWESOME layouts as always!
- April

Charlene said...

I remember empty next....It was horrible at 1st and then it was wonderful lol! Because the last (How many years?) we put everything into our kids and then...gone and were left saying "Now what do I do?" well, you enjoy your husband more, craft more, and make time for yourself.

Wonderful Lo'S. Love the contrast...the dark with the bright on top...for the 1st one.

kim c said...

these are great. congrats on the AC DT. that ought to keep your mind off the empty nest a little. lol.

Danielle Calhoun said...

oh, Leslie....I wish you were closer and you could come visit me to get your kid "fix"! haha!!!! enjoy this stage of your life! oh, and the layouts are gorgeous! you deserve to be on the team, no doubt!

mrschez said...

omg what are you gonna do? scrap more? lol

I sent some goodies off in the mail too! yay congrats miss!

Brianne N. said...

As always, I LOVE your work! And you will be just fine! If you ever want to take a trip, come to Seattle and we will have some fun!!

Jillian Deiling Cassity said...

fabulous layouts i love them both so much!!
im sorry, good luck getting your babies off to college. I know it must be hard!! i cant even imagine!