Wednesday, August 11, 2010

*Operation Empty Nest*

In 6 more days Operation Empty Nest begins...
NOT that I'm thinking about it or anything...
(but in 6 more days...operation empty nest begins...)

No, not thinking about it ONE bit....

Leaving you today with these:
"So Sweet, So Blissful"

(AC dt entry)

"Go Places"
(AC dt entry)

still can't grasp the concept I'm old enough to have
2 in college. 2 flying the coop. 2 on their own figuring out "hey I'm a grown up now".
take time today with your wee ones and enjoy every single.thing.
because in no time...if you're not yet in the phase I am in will be right behind you,
knocking on your door. 

gotta run, errands are calling my name.
(kinda excited to be going to mail off some items for publication)

hugs and happy hump day,