Wednesday, January 12, 2011

*here I am*

...i promise i haven't been lost.
i've been soaking it all in before next week. week starts the first full week of empty nest take 2.

more about that later...
but here's what I've been doing:

finding strength (I love my OLW)
to get to the new me every day with the help of these
(that the fam gave me for my b-day this past Sat!)
(great day in may they're the most comfy shoes I've ever worn! close to being barefoot)
I had a different new pair of back a few months ago that totally hurt my feet so I asked
for new ones for my big b-day...and the fam surprised me!
I love them...(the fam that is. oh & the shoes!)

I've also been learning alot more about this:

gosh I love that thing. and when I say love...I mean love love LOVE! It has so many
amazing features, buttons,'s been amazing soaking all the knowledge in.

and celebrating her:

then 4 days (i am officially OLD now)
and somewhere in between, I was able to get a little of this done:

so  that's it in a nutshell...
busy busy busy,
soaking life with the 4 of us in while I can...
before he heads to Abilene to school
and she heads to College Station for school...
having strength,
finding strength,
being full of strength....

be back tomorrow...


April said...

You amaze me with the love you have for your family! I know you'll be just fine after the kids leave for DO have the strength to get through it. :)
- April W

*Nikki* said...

oh..good luck with the empty nest..they always come back!!
I did!
I love your blog look!

Wendy Hammer said...

You can do it ALL Les! You are one "STRONG" cookie!!!

Wendy - My Etsy Shop ♥ - My Blog ♥

Sheri Twing said...

I'm right there with you girl! I'm dealing with the whole empty nest thing too! How did we get here so fast??? Your new blog looks great! Can't wait to see what you're working on!

Renee said...

Always wishing you and your family the best, Leslie! What wonderful gifts you always give each other....those you can see and those beautiful ones you can't! Thanks for sharing!

Jennifer said...

awesome stuff, Leslie!! LOVE those shoes :)