Tuesday, January 4, 2011

*She's 20*

and I can hardly believe it.

This little bitty girl:

is 20 years old today:

just like that, she grew up before my eyeballs!
::poof:: she became a woman.

what I love about her:
-she's kind
-she's gentle, yet strong.
-she loves with all her ♥
-she knows what she wants & sets goals to get there.
(she changes her mind too...but hey, she's a girl, she's got that priveledge, ha!)

-she's FUNNY!! sh'e's got a wit that won't quit
-she's got this laugh...the most contagious, recognizable, adorable laugh..
-she's exhillarating
-she's intoxicating (you can't get enough of her)
-she drives me batty (yes I love that about her)
-she makes me so happy
-her ♥ is as big as Texas, Alaska & Canada all put together.
-she's picky
-she's got gusto
-she's the best tv buddy ever
-she is a leader
-she's independent
-she's goofy
-she's serious
-she's a daddy's girl
-she's our life...♥

Happy Birthday sweet girl, I'm in AWE that you're done being
a teenager. There could never be a more beautiful you.

You're our gorgeous girl, our little girl (no matter how old you are)
we LOVE you and are so proud of you!

This layout is one of my very favorites I've ever done of her.
It was published in Scrapbook Trends in May 2010 as Award Winning Style:

and speaking of layouts....
it's "details" week over at the American Crafts blog ...
here's a little snippet of what I've got up there:

go the AC Blog to see it in full!

Also..one more thing!
Today @ 12:30 pm CST we Paper Girls are BACK from the holidays!
We'll be talking to you live about goals. Creative goals...plus LOTS more!!
Click here to go LIVE to the chat:

also...be sure to check out the Paper Life Blog!

p.s. I have to give a HUGE shout out to my sweet friend Leah
who designed my new blog banner for me!!
Isn't it gorgeous? That girl is SO talented!
You have to check her shop out:  SugarHillco: Bluebird Chic
and click on her name to go to her super creative blog!! I'm a huge fan!
xoxo Leah...thank you!

Have a great day!