Monday, February 14, 2011

*out of commission*

happy ♥ day...
here's a little something I whipped up in all of 10 minutes today
(about all I could stand - see my post below...)
with scraps on my desk for my valentine...(my fabulous husband):

just wanted to update & let you know I'm out of commission for a bit...
remember my acute bronchitis?
Well apparently it wanted to head south into pneumonia...but took a slight curve right...
here's a recap...
  • -feb. 4th...sick as a dog, doc said acute bronchitis. given antibiotic & steroid.
  • -feb 11th...STILL sick as a dog, doc feared pneumonia. given antibiotic shot new antibiotic (levaquin...which, apparently treats pneumonia and...ANTHRAX?!) & more steroids
  • -feb 12th...STILL really sick...doc on duty (it was sat) said she didn't like my lung sound, my raspy breathing, my coughing so she gave me medicine for my nebulizer, a steroid shot plus one more penicillin shot. ouch, my hiney's starting to hurt by now. was told that if my breathing was still labored, get to the ER immediately after breathing treatment. did that...well after I washed a load of jammies.
  • still feb. ER, blood taken (high blood pressure, probably due to being scared to death), iv given, chest xray, then this WEIRD chest cat scan (injected dye in my iv then went thru this tube was a wild ride, that's for sure!) waiting game....doc comes back (and let me interject here and tell you how firm a believer in the power of prayer I am. this doctor was CONVINCED she heard pneumonia in my lungs. didn't like my cough, etc she comes back a few hours later and jumps up and down and says...."scans are clear! no pneumonia!!" she said I had a BAD BAD BAD case of acute bronchitis with severe asthma flaring.  so I was sent home, (and was told earlier that I would probably be admitted, so here again...a firm believer in prayer!) so thankful, so loopy from drugs, but thankful I could go home and rest in my OWN bed in my OWN jammies. I'm sorry but hospital gowns, no matter what color they are, just aren't ball gowns! at least my socks matched and green was my color.
  • feb 14th... back to the doc for ER follow up. He was a little better with my lung function. No pneumonia, no raspy like before. HOWEVER. I had a 102  fever, short of breath, peak flow meter was 300 at its best and it should have read 500.  More blood was drawn, more tests to determine why the high white count...i'm ordered home to rest, do nothing but sit and veg for a long time. so if you're wondering where I am...that's it. I've been told that the acute bronchitis has turned to SEVERE ACUTE BRONCHITIS with ACUTE ASTHMA FLARE and as scary as that sounds...i'll make it. i'll hear back tomorrow about my blood cultures, my cat scan results and my chest xray results.
that's MY Valentine's day...
I sure hope yours is much healthier.

well, I'm drained....
be back as soon as I can.