Saturday, February 26, 2011

*still ticking...*

yes, that's exactly what I'm doing.
I've taken a big ol' lickin'....
but you know what?
I'm STILL tickin'....

just waiting for this round of meds to do their job,
it's the slowest process I think I've ever been through.
I was able to finally able to sit and get a few things created, like this:

It's one I did for Glue Arts for Friday's blog post,
using the Little Yellow Bicycle
yummy Cupcake line....
to see directions on how I completed this layout and this card:

visit the Glue Arts blog for complete directions, supplies & everything...
(oh speaking of Glue Arts...
don't forget about the DT call! check it out on the blog!)

here's a little update on me as of today:
--still feel yuck.
but not as yuck as 2 weeks ago when I was in the ER.
it's a different kind of's like I can't place what it is I'm feeling.
awful, but not like my deathbed.
I have NO energy. NO strength. NO drive...
these steroids make me shake!
like I've mentioned before...
I would NOT will this on anyone.
If anyone has to go through this? I choose it to be me.

I know I'm going through this for a reason,
and hopefully soon the reason is revealed.
we do know 2 things...I know that had I NOT gone to the ER 2 Saturday's ago...
  • I wouldn't have known about what's wrong with my gallbladder (until something major had happened)
  • they wouldn't have known I've been suffering from a hiatal hernia.
Wow...see, I really put myself out there.
Good thing I love to blog.
I love to be able to have an outlet to come to share my feelings...
afterall, that's what being real is all about.
I am real.
I'm being the real me and telling everyone who reads here what's been up with me.
It doesn't even matter that this one blog post has taken me almost 2 hours to post, right?
So anyways...
Off I go to take another breathing treatment, swallow my steroids & cough syrup...
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.

I'll be back soon to share another layout I actually whipped up yesterday in 1 hour.
I'm serious...I couldn't believe it either.

Hold please...rewind.
...before I go.
Let me show you someone special to me:

I haven't introduced you yet to these precious piggies,
have I?

Someone truly speical to me was born January 26th
and I was able to go meet her
(right before I got SO sick...)
My beautiful, precious niece Taylor gave birth to her absolutely amazing baby girl...

She is Miss Presley Blake P..........
She is a dream come true for her mama, her daddy & for ALL of us.

Her mama is quite a miracle herself.
At 19 years old, she was diagnosed & treated
for cancer (Hodgkins Lymphoma) and was told due to her treatment
& severe side effects suffered from her treatment
(both chemo & radiation at the same time)
that she would  never be able to have children....

God had different plans...

I got to hold her:

(courtesy of my Droid phone)
and tell her that her Great Aunt Leslie will ALWAYS...
always have gum.
(channeling my inner Monica from Friends...hee hee)

is Miss P's 1 month birthday.

She sent this to me...

(courtesy of her mama's iPhone...)
her..."happy 1 month to me!"

isn't she precious?
she made me a great aunt! 
she makes me smile...
happy 1 month birthday princess!!

I was so thankful my older sister and I got to drive down to Houston, Tx.
to see be with our oldest sister, our niece & was nice.
That's the last time I've seen her!
The very next few days I came down with this crap I have now...

it's killing me she's here in town these next couple of days
and I don't even know if I get to hold her.

now you see why my post today has taken me now over 2 hours.

I have to go take my meds & lie down now...
hugs everyone,
thanks again for all of your well wishes, your notes, thoughts & prayers.
please continue, if you have a sec....
thank you.