Tuesday, March 22, 2011

*The Girls Loft plus an AC Blog Hop Winner*

Have you seen The Girls Loft March kit?
SWOON to the moon!
check it out: TGL March Kit
I'm right....right??!!

you know, even feeling like rotten-ness to the core, I can still create.
it soothes me...helps me not think about all the "what - if's" 
(of what's going on with my body)

I so enjoyed working with this kit. I could have kept on going
but I decided I'd better stop...rest IS somewhat important to getting well, yes?

here's what I did with the kit:

(to see close-ups of any of these creations, go check out TGL blog)

and i've gotten so used to making cards now,
which before I'm like..."i cannot make a card to save my life!"
(ok so I STILL kind of feel that way....)
I made this one:

and...I'm looking for my AC Blog Hop Winner
(click & scroll down to see the announcement)
(The winner has until Saturday to notify me...then I have to pick a new winner.)

and a tiny update:
met the surgeon today...he was so nice! very explanatory, really eased my fears...
he said my gb definintely has to get out of dodge..(or in this case...my body)
and his office will call tomorrow to schedule a date for this to happen.
yay! finally some relief....
but it still doesn't solve what it is that's in my throat!
that has got to stop! scheduling an ENT appt soon....

off to create a little, then rest aLOT!
have a great day, be back soon!