Monday, March 21, 2011

*it's a new day*

hi friends, happy monday to you.
I have some things to share with you today.
updates, a winner, a yummy product, layouts & a photo (or 2?)

first up...

Paper Trunk & Wendy Hammer Designs paired up together this month
for a product trade...score for us! We got to work with the LOVELY
Paper Trunk paper & Wendy made each one of us on the team
(as well as the PT team) special one of a kind felt embellishments to match our
paper line we worked with.. I chose Rockability....
the above is a layout of my darling girl.

She did NOT want to sit on that butterfly bench.
She even told her dad where I couldn't hear her...
"watch. mom's going to make me sit there. i don't want to sit there..."
then she hears..."oh savannah!! sit there!" she obliged her. not even griping!
(photo taken:  December 2010)

and I made this card for ALL of you sweet people who've prayed, thought good thoughts,
sent me cards, made me meals, come by to visit...this,
this is for you:

(also made using WH Designs & PT paper)

and for those of you wondering what's going on with me...
well, Tuesday I went to the GI doc.
It was a nice visit up until he decided
he needed to do a surgical scope procedure immediately
to see what's going on in my crazy body...
So...he scheduled me for a couple of hours later.
I went next door to the surgery center, got prepped, knocked out
& had the scope done.
I remember NOTHING of that day.  I hear I kept repeating the same thing
and asking the same questions over and over. 
That anesthesia knocked me out cold...
the reports came back and this is what he said:
  • good news:  NO spots, no infection.
  • bad news:  HH (hiatal hernia) is larger than expected
  • so so news:  tummy looked angry
  • as to be expected news:  gallbladder has to come out immediately
tomorrow I meet with surgeons to schedule the gb stuff!
today I had a blood test to check for my white count again & this time
they threw in a thyroid check...will update asap...

but enough about me..
on to fun (literally) stuff....
can I just tell you about some of my favorite scrapbook products on the market right now?

let's talk about Coloringz, oh howI LOVE Shimmerz Coloringz.
They are SO bright, vivid & opaque...
they make coloring lace, ribbons, fabric of any kind (especially canvas, oooh la la!!)
not to mention papers, easy, so bright, so FUN!
Just like your favorite crayons...Coloringz are so colorful.
Best thing is that they are water based so if you get them on you, (or anything near you)
Just like Shimmerz, Vibez, Spritz just wash it off.

and now...Shimmeringz:

another new gorgeous release from Shimmerz.
Shimmeringz are just like what you see here...jewels, diamonds, all things sparkly!
I use these almost DAILY. I love their bright sheen...they come in several lovely
colors and make your projects SHINE. Literally...
you've got to try both Coloringz & Shimmeringz.
Did you know that sells them now? go fill up your cart.

I'm exhausted...going to go rest now...
before I go, I have to show you this photo:

i literally saw the moon & the moon saw me.
the other night when it was out so bright, I captured this
with my new camera.
I was so excited to see I got a pretty good shot!
I need a bigger zoom...but that's not too shabby with an 18-135 zoom if you ask me!
quite proud of me...

OH! Before I forget...I have a winner from the AC Blog Hop!

means that my 97th poster is:

Congratulations Bernice!
Email me at leslieashe(at)gmail(dot)com
and I'll get your stamps ready for you!

Thank you everyone for all of your Campy Trails comments!
Thanks for supporting AC!

have a lovely day..
more soon.