Wednesday, March 9, 2011

*thinking i can....*

"i think i can i think i can i think i can....." (insert little engine voice here.)

I really know I can...because I am...
but days like yesterday  makes me keep saying those very words.

I haven't updated in a while, have I?
Let me catch you up ...
I am feeling like typing today so I hope you have your coffee
& a little blog hoppin' time...

Last week (Last Tuesday if you want to be exact),
I was back at my PCP because...I just felt AWFUL...still. 
(plus they had the results from my most recent bloodwork to go over with me.)

I can't get rid of this feeling like something
(I describe as a fist) in my throat & I'm still running a steady fever
& sound like I'm still singing "Smelly Cat" in my best Phoebe.

My doc is still perplexed with my elevated white count yet tells me..."it's a virus."
(If there's one word I cannot stand right has to be....virus  that one.)

if there's any words you don't want to hear your pcp (or any doc)
mutter while examining you it's: 
"oh my...." <---- as he says while looking at my throat!
(my throat was quite offended...)
he found that due to my medications
(oh you know...the 2387837873 I'm taking like Symbicort, Prednisone, etc...)
I have what's called esophagitis.
believe do NOT want that stuff. it's awful.
what's next? that's right...more meds.  just a one time pill and a rinse, I can do this.
he tells me to get back to my pulmonary doc,
tell them I'm still not feeling right so I do.

so I saw my pulmonary specialist  yesterday
and after a thorough examination....

still not happy with my elevated white count, steady daily fever,
the way I sound, the feeling of something  (I describe as a fist) in my throat.
They were happy with my lung function & my oxygen  level
(due to the help of Symbicort,  prednisone, breathing treatments & Zyrtec.)
I am however,  being sent to a gastroenterologist for further evaluation
(a gi doc...i will die if his name is Joe. in all seriousness.)
as to what this could be in my throat/voicebox area. 

I was put on strong antibiotic (Levaquin - AGAIN) for 10 days to test my blood levels,
along with yet more medication.
I will have another blood test in 10 days to test my CBC and my TSH
...if no explanation, will be sent to hematologist.

So...still in limbo, still hanging on...God's preparing me for something big, yes?

My sweet friend Linda told me yesterday...
"you know the quote about how God never gives you more an you can handle?
He must think you are superwoman!!"

via Pinterest   (pretend that's an "L")

So...I guess it's time for me to stop saying "i think i can..." 
afterall,  with the help of you, my sweet family, friends and most of Lord...
"i know i can...."
sitting still...

via Pinterest
I still believe today what my mom has always told me as a little girl...
that a cardinal is a message from God...He's watching over me...
yesterday there were 3 in my backyard.

be back soon,
(thank you so much for your prayers and positive thoughts. love y'all...)