Tuesday, May 10, 2011

*2 BEST Gifts*

well I actually have 3...(more on that later)

but first, it's these 2 who make me who I am:

continue on for the story...

my 2 gifts...
just a little something I made for a new team I joined..
(more projects coming soon...)

(using the JAM packed May kit)
you'll die over their kits.
i'm not even kidding.
(that was the little "something" I've been keeping inside...)

my true #1 gift (because without him, I wouldn't have the above 2, hee!)
has a birthday today! 
 happy birthday to the best gift God gave me:

he's a wonderful husband.
truly amazing father.
he cares for everyone.
he's the best provider, supporter, biggest heart known to man.
my best friend, my biggest fan.
he believes in dreams & pursues them:

and wins!

happy birthday to you, my sweet sweet husband!

celebrating him with one of my fave creations of him:

and the biggest gift of all...
today they're releasing my daddy from the hospital ...
which, to me is pretty amazing after having triple heart bypass surgery!

God is GOOD.
Thank you everyone....for all your thoughts, prayers, well wishes.
thank you to infinity!

much love.