Wednesday, May 18, 2011


21 years ago today...

I could totally write a country song about us.

girl meets boy, boy meets girl..
(insert music)
boy moves to Texas for girl
girl and boy get married
then they add 2 kids, 4 dogs, 4 cars & a house...
(see, this is why I could never write a country song...but I could let someone else write it!)

we've had an amazing 21 years.
growing together, with each other,
during ups, downs, ins, outs & all that's in between.
through it all, we've lived, loved and laughed ALOT.

via:  Pinterest

i'm so very   lucky  blessed to be with my Prince Charming.
love you, my hunka hunka you ALOT.
Thanks for the past 21years...
can't wait for that many plus more.

all via:  Pinterest

we're going to have a lovely dinner & then laugh our butts off seeing:

here...let me give you a little trailer:

ok...we're off!
back soon!
lots to share....