Friday, May 6, 2011

*Pebbles + American Crafts + a little thank you = ♥*

(snippet of one of my Pebbles + AC card)

It's a Pebbles Swap over at American Crafts blog today.
check out all the gorgeous cards by the AC team
using lovely Pebbles & American Crafts.

here's another little snippet of one of my cards:

to see both in full & what I used, check out the blog .

Also...I just wanted to say thank you.
to all of you for your sweet words about my dad.
he had a SERIOUS surgery yesterday that involved his heart...
it was the type of surgery you sit and wonder, during it's length...
will he be ok, will he pull through this, is this going to make things better...

well...God is GOOD and prayer is powerful.
he came through the surgery wonderfully and is in recovery.

this is the man who's loved me unconditionally for 42 years now.
as a little girl he's wiped my tears, hugged the blues away,
kissed my boo-boo's.
The man who as a young girl showed me the Way, the Truth & the Life
of our Lord and Savior.
The man who as an adult lady who's instilled in me valuable
advice, life lessons & love as big as our world.
He's a blessing to me. to ALL of us. My siblings, my family...everyone.
He's a bright light to all he encounters. Now I see where my kids get it.
He's got the most contagious personality. EVERYONE wants to know him.
That's been that way as long as I can remember.

as hard as it is to see the man who's taken care of you your entire
life so sick...
I know that because of his active, healthy lifestyle
(at 74 years old he STILL plays golf every day.)
he will pull through this 100 % soon.
but that was hard. harder than you can imagine.

he's such an important part of our lives...
please, if you're the praying kind, continue to lift him up.
I appreciate it so much and I KNOW my family does too.

here he is with my 2 kiddo's...

we love him with all our hearts and we're so thankful
that God protected him and made HIS heart better.

He's got a big recovery in front of him..
but he will be much better soon.



Sheri Twing said...

I'm so happy to hear your Dad is doing well! We were saying prayers for him and your family!

Gorgeous sneeks! I'm off to check them out!

Nati Tristan said...

Prayers for your dad! The power of prayer is amazing!

kim c said...

i'm so glad his surgery went well. thank goodness. sending prayers of strength and healing his way.

Renee said...

Leslie, I am glad that your Dad's surgery went well. I am sure that the wonderful blessings that you have given him, will help him to heal more quickly.

Thanks for the cute sneaks! Take care and Happy Mother's Day!!

Jocelyn said...

Oh sweet friend...I will continue to keep your father in my Dad is doing so bad right now....he too has been active and healthy and now this....I will continue to pray and place him on our prayer list...please send me an email with his name!

You have been through so much the past few months!!!

I am wishing you a very Happy Mother's Day!!!

Laurie LaRiviere said...

so happy to hear your dad is doing well, he sounds like an amazing man, you are so lucky!! Prayer is a powerful thing, I'll keep thinking of you all, Happy Mother's Day to you also!!