Tuesday, May 24, 2011

*A Star Is Born*

look at our sweet little Presley!
(born this past January...ohmygracious is she NOT gorgeous?)
I know, I know...proud great aunt aka:  "grant" here..
back to the album above.
This week at Glue Arts our sponsor is Unibind.
I put this coffee table book together for my niece of her princess.
This is my cover...I LOVE how it turned out!

The inside album is just page after page of her world debut...

here's some close ups:

to see how I put this cover together,
be sure to check out the Glue Arts blog today!

off to finish more projects that I'm dying to share!
soon, promise...
have a lovely day...


leah said...

Oooo... so gorgeous and yummy!! ^_^

Audrey Pettit said...

Well, I have to agree!! Little Presley is just the sweetest thing evah! And so is your album, Leslie. I love the colors you put together and the pop of yellow on the title. Gorgeous butterfly and big bows.
I think you totally rocked the Unibind, my friend. :)

Daniela said...

I love it!!!

Charlene said...

beautiful baby!!! And I love the colors on the frame gorgeous!festr

Renee said...

Two beauties....your precious niece and your lovely book! Congrats!!