Monday, June 13, 2011

*Life Lines*

You know, I was born to do this.
Be their mom.
this is the most fun I've had my entire life.
I don't consider this a job.
I consider it a GIFT
and with this gift...I cherish.
I'm doing the best that I possibly think I can.
I fall...but I get right back up...
There's days I don't get out of my jammies and have bed hair
(did I really just admit that? HA!)

the bright and sunny days totally outnumber the falling on my butt days...
and I'm lucky...
all because I got to do this.

Be THEIR mom....

they are my life lines.
it's so hard to believe that in the blink of an eye, they're ADULTS.
what the what!
gosh i love those 2 silly kids!

but enough of the mushy...
I made this layout for Glue Arts.
Clear Scraps was our sponsor & I had so much
fun using this bracket acrylic sheet...
I stamped and painted it :D

To see the complete directions and some up close shots,
just go to the Glue Arts blog to check it out!

and just wanted to say...

(via:  Pinterest)
for the congrat's to me for making the Prima team...
you are the SWEETEST friends a girl could have!
Thank you so so much.
I'm STILL on clouds.

Have a lovely day...back soon!