Thursday, June 23, 2011


I'll admit it.
Margarita (s) make me giddy.
Especially the American Crafts kind.

I'm apologizing profusely in advance for the awful colors
of everything you're about to see.
I must have touched a setting
on my camera (that's now been fixed, yay!!)
and couldn't get these to edit just right...
but my motto is: once the photo's taken, let it be.

So here you are...
my June American Crafts creations, featuring Margarita:

(Galveston...gosh I loved it there.
Weird..I'm FROM Texas and before these photo's..
I'd NEVER been there. What!?~)

(I cheated...I added some Hello Sunshine to this card...
which, btw...was super easy to make!)

that's my cabana boy...
jk jk...
it's my hubba hubba hubby!
That's our trip to South Padre a few years back....
(my FAVE Texas beach! Too bad it's only what...10 hours to get there! yuck...)

hope you've enjoyed this little sip of Margarita!
when I first received it,
I hoarded it to no end.
I wouldn't let myself use it because it was so pretty,
I didn't want to cut into it!
Not to mention...when you receive AC goodies?
no lie...
anyway, I finally cut into it
and used some of our family beach pics
which I still have 3847383783738738373 more...

Hope you're having a lovely day!
Come back tomorrow for yet...another FABULOUS giveaway!
This time from one of my dear sweet friends!
see you tomorrow!