Thursday, August 25, 2011

*Friends, Flowers & Camera Straps....*

"if friends were flowers...."

something new I made for American Crafts.
To see how I did it, what I used & in full photo's...
check out the blog.
it was so fun to make! just something tiny to give to a special friend
to brighten her day....

and speaking of friends!
Remember my dear, sweet, creative friend Leah?
 and her gorgeous rings I posted about not too long ago?
well...she's started something new and fun!
something every girl who takes pictures needs.

If you're a Canon, Nikon or any DSLR girl....
this is right up YOUR alley:

CUTE camera straps!! Not only cute..but durable!
She handmakes each one, using beautiful fabrics
and they are backed with denim.
They are so soft. So so soft.
After carrying your camera on
around all day, your neck will thank you...
trust me!

Because I'm a brat....
I couldn't have just one...
I had to have 2. I mean a girl has to match her outfit every day, right?

Look closer:
aren't they CUTE!
You have to go check her Etsy site out right NOW!
and just because Leah's super sweet,
she's offering you a discount!
Simply enter this code:  ASHE15
at checkout for a 15% off!
(that's a discount of $5.25)

Also, you should check Leah's Facebook page out and become a fan!
she's always updating with new designs....

well that's it for me today folks!
I've got some more fun things to share soon...
plus pictures of my new scraproom!
My  husband is in there now painting...
(imagine that, he won't let me paint with him! that's just rude.)

Have a great day!