Thursday, August 4, 2011

*LBD August Sneaks*



Little Black Dress has done it again!
Made another gorgeous kit...I mean GORGEOUS!
I could have done SO much more than I did. I ran out of time...
Here's the August kit - Shades Of Blue:

yummy huh? you know you want it...
go get it!

leaving you with another couple of fave shots I got of my cuties:

I'm going to MISS them something fierce in a few weeks when
they head to their colleges. It's been such a FUN summe with them home.
it's even made THIS:
(iPhone photo)

more bearable. barf.

have a great day!


Chris and Paige Evans said...

We really want to live in Texas after Chris does his whole army thing.... but man, 110??? That's just crazy!

Your sneaks are so enticing!

Neusinha said...

I am absolutely passionate about their work

Renee said...

'So sorry about the hot temps. I know exactly what you mean.

Oh, thanks for the the pics of your beautiful children and all the beautiful layouts that you share!!