Friday, September 30, 2011

*Who's That Girl & Cuteness*

happy friday!
it's finally here...the weekend.
but wait. see, when you work from home & your husband works from home...
it's almost like all our days run together and every day is the weekend?
weird. I know. but it's us. gosh I love us.
I promise to never ever take my weekday/weekend moments for granted.

back in the 80's we all loved Madonna, right? When my niece was born in '82
Madonna was ALL the rage. Funny how...many years later she's STILL around
(a little different, yes...but we all change, right?), still plugging away at tunes.
my niece found this onesie for her sweet girl (pictured below) and had to get it
in every size available. who could blame her? she was raised with a mom and aunts who
LOVED their Madonna!

Who's That Girl:

I made this layout for American Crafts and Glue Arts.

I mixed some 80's colors from Amy Tangerine's line as well as Garden Cafe.
they work so well together!!

The filmstrips are made using Glue Arts Accent it All Vinyl
(to see how I created the filmstrips - simply go to the Glue Arts blog today)

I cannot stop creating with Amy Tangerine's trendy new line.
I love how it can be used for anything.
girl stuff, traveling, cards, school, you get the picture, right?
I'm a HUGE fan of it being perfect for boy stuff.

Here's another layout I did for American Crafts

Hello There Cuteness:

I love using Amy Tan's mix of colors & embellishments!

Here's some close ups of my layouts above:

tonight we're off to have dinner & see a movie with friends.
we're so excited!
this is what we're going to see:

happy Friday.