Monday, October 17, 2011

*Shimelle's Pretty Paper Party Class Giveaway!*

There are online classes for everything these days, and Shimelle has been teaching
online scrapbooking classes for years -
but she's decided it's time to kick it up a bit and go from online class
to a four-week online party, and you're invited.
is the party to attend if you have a collection of paper stacked up for a rainy day,
if you have more scraps of paper than you know what to do with
(but you know you don't want to throw them away!)
and if you've ever put a piece of paper back in your stash because it was just too special for the photos at hand.
Through printable prompts and tutorial videos,
Shimelle and dozens of special party guests will share beautiful and innovative techniques you can achieve with the paper you have already collected.
the class actually starts TODAY{Monday}
but as with any good party, it's okay to arrive fashionably late.
The class has no deadlines and everyone receives permanent access
to all the class materials, so anyone can RSVP to the party at any time!
I'm excited to announce that Shimelle invited me to be a guest to this very special party!
Here's a little snippet of what I did for the class:

guess what else?
I get to give a class away!

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment here, telling me what you do with YOUR scraps.
I have mine in a rolling tote with drawers, sorted by colors.
I store my cardstock first, then my patterned paper below.
it's a perfect set up and it's next to me so I can just reach & use anytime.
Do you store yours? Do you keep them at all? Tell me about it!
It's your entry - plus...
if you share this post on Facebook - it counts as an extra entry.
(just repost here, telling me you did that)
Also - if you've already registered for Shimelle's class - she will refund you
or you will receive a free pass to give to your friends and/or family.

I will choose a winner on Wednesday morning and post soon after!

Thanks so much!
Have a blessed day!