Saturday, October 15, 2011

*punkin, pumpkin, p.u.m.p.k.i.n*

Since we're now into fall (but Texas hasn't gotten the memo, yet.)
I dedicate today to pumpkins...or as I like to call my kids:  "punkins"

yummy pumpkins below - goofy pumpkins.

I made a mini album not too long ago using
American Crafts Nightfall for Scrapbook Trends titled..
"At The Patch."
I realize there is a big goof. *duh-me!*
when I saw my album in the magazine
I saw how goofy it looks to see "the" twice.

It was a funny goof, but after I realized it, I was so embarrassed...
but my super SUPER sweet husband reminded me that,
it wasn't a goof after all.
that in fact...I was at the...."The Patch."
(the patch we visited is named "the patch", hee hee!)

*I actually can't even believe I'm admitting my goof but ....

anyway - here's my album in full:

so if you can learn anything from my post today - it's that
it's ok to make a goof. just go with I did.
(of course it's after the fact I realized it, LOL)

if you've seen the October issue of Scrapbook Trends  -
you've seen my album featured by Paige Evans  
in the "One Amazing Album" section
(as I blogged about earlier here)

now I want to share some yummy pumpkin flavors I've come across lately.
if you're a pumpkin person -  you HAVE to try these:
(you know, I think I developed my love of the taste of pumpkin as I've gotten older -
as a kid, I NEVER ever touched it! I was missing out, obviously.)

<----(for me - minus the whip, light. I love the fraps too!)

<------(drop one of THOSE in your morning coffee. thank me after. yum!)

and there's also Archer Farms Pumpkin Pie Spice - YUM.
(sorry, I can't find an image for it)
and then there's Godiva:

1 tsp is all you need - YUM.

if you have any other pumpkin things to share with me, please let me know!
I love it, can't live without it...

that's it for me - we're heading to Cowtown (downtown FW) tonight
to take some pics for the cover of my husband's upcoming novel
(it's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G - soon as I get his ok, I'll share a snippet!)

have a lovely weekend!
and happy fall...y'all!