Saturday, October 15, 2011

*punkin, pumpkin, p.u.m.p.k.i.n*

Since we're now into fall (but Texas hasn't gotten the memo, yet.)
I dedicate today to pumpkins...or as I like to call my kids:  "punkins"

yummy pumpkins below - goofy pumpkins.

I made a mini album not too long ago using
American Crafts Nightfall for Scrapbook Trends titled..
"At The Patch."
I realize there is a big goof. *duh-me!*
when I saw my album in the magazine
I saw how goofy it looks to see "the" twice.

It was a funny goof, but after I realized it, I was so embarrassed...
but my super SUPER sweet husband reminded me that,
it wasn't a goof after all.
that in fact...I was at the...."The Patch."
(the patch we visited is named "the patch", hee hee!)

*I actually can't even believe I'm admitting my goof but ....

anyway - here's my album in full:

so if you can learn anything from my post today - it's that
it's ok to make a goof. just go with I did.
(of course it's after the fact I realized it, LOL)

if you've seen the October issue of Scrapbook Trends  -
you've seen my album featured by Paige Evans  
in the "One Amazing Album" section
(as I blogged about earlier here)

now I want to share some yummy pumpkin flavors I've come across lately.
if you're a pumpkin person -  you HAVE to try these:
(you know, I think I developed my love of the taste of pumpkin as I've gotten older -
as a kid, I NEVER ever touched it! I was missing out, obviously.)

<----(for me - minus the whip, light. I love the fraps too!)

<------(drop one of THOSE in your morning coffee. thank me after. yum!)

and there's also Archer Farms Pumpkin Pie Spice - YUM.
(sorry, I can't find an image for it)
and then there's Godiva:

1 tsp is all you need - YUM.

if you have any other pumpkin things to share with me, please let me know!
I love it, can't live without it...

that's it for me - we're heading to Cowtown (downtown FW) tonight
to take some pics for the cover of my husband's upcoming novel
(it's A.M.A.Z.I.N.G - soon as I get his ok, I'll share a snippet!)

have a lovely weekend!
and happy fall...y'all!


Sarah Webb said...

Hershey Kisses in Pumpkin Spice? Really? Wow! I am going to have to head South soon! Loving your mini!

Emily said...

The mini is awesome! Love it! congrats on the publication! And I have to get myself some of the pumpkin spice creamer!! I love the Starbucks Lattes... does the creamer compare??

Pam said...

Whoa, I had no idea there were Pumpkin kisses! Thanks for the tip! I love all things pumpkin too, as a matter of fact we are having pumpkin pie baked french toast for breakfast today, here is where you can find the recipe if you want it...

Your book is awesome as always!

Moondust47 said...

I totally didn't notice it! And had to "look" for the goof. Big of you to share... the album is gorgeous!!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

Love love love (love love love!) your mini :)

pattyo said...

What a sweet mini album! I didn't know there were Hershey pumpkin kisses--I'll have to try to find them.

jediflame said...

I LOVE pumpkin scented stuff!! Have you tried any of the Bath and Body Works pumpkin scents? Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin and Pumpkin Caramel Latte are my absolute favorites!

Wendy ❤ said...

EVERY time I go to Target I forget to get those coffees you told me about. :(