Friday, December 30, 2011

*Happy New Years Eve - EVE!*

I know I said I'd see y'all next year -
but I wanted to share
a couple of layouts I just made for AC ....
my work for December...
A Few Wishes For You:

these shots were taken a few months ago -
aren't the kids the cutest things ever?
Biased...yes, but come on! ;D
how I got so lucky...I'll never know!
Anyway...for this layout
I mixed a bunch of Amy Tangerine by American Crafts
with some Garden Cafe & even a little of the new Chap line.

and on this one -
Sr.s Rock:

I used a TON of Chap with a little Amy Tangerine (the stars)
and even some Holly Day letters.
My photo's here are by Andie Smith.
you've probably seen 1 or 2 of these on other projects...

So I hope you've enjoyed them - they were FUN to make!
and I hope you have a very festive New Year!
It's almost here...
gosh I welcome 2012 with OPEN ARMS!

I remember back in January I made a One Little Word -
and my word was "strength." Gosh...funny how that word
was NEEDED and USED so much this entire 2011.

I'll be thinking of a new OLW & will post soon...
I know when I chose "strength" it was for a whole different
reason than what I had to use it for...
but that's ok, I learned ALOT this year.
Especially alot about strength.

See you soon, friends.
Happy 2012....


kim c said...

super the colors...oh, yeah....HAPPY NEW YEAR!

curlyqmosaics said...

Fabulous layouts Leslie! I adore them both! Happy New Years!!!

Gina Lideros said...

I spy that cute little camera sticker from Amy Tan, love both of your layouts. Amazing as always!


Daniela Dobson said...

Love all the yellow! Awesome layouts and photos. If I don't get to see you have a wonderful and happy New Year!

Maria Therese said...

Beautiful layouts!!

Danelle said...

I did the one little word for 2011 also.. and found that doing it that way rather than a resolution.. it was so much easier to focus on! Happy New Year.. thanks so much for sharing your projects of love with us through the year. What an inspiration!!

Daniela Dobson said...

Love all the yellow and the photos!! Adorable! I hope we can get together soon.
Happy New Year my sweet friend!

Chris and Paige Evans said...

These are some of my favorite layouts of yours! I love all the layering and collaging of product in the first one and I love the stars in the second one. Always great work from you!

JULIANA said...

Awesome layouts Leslie! Happy New Year!

L.B. said...

I love the bright colors on both layoyts!!!