Friday, December 30, 2011

*Happy New Years Eve - EVE!*

I know I said I'd see y'all next year -
but I wanted to share
a couple of layouts I just made for AC ....
my work for December...
A Few Wishes For You:

these shots were taken a few months ago -
aren't the kids the cutest things ever?
Biased...yes, but come on! ;D
how I got so lucky...I'll never know!
Anyway...for this layout
I mixed a bunch of Amy Tangerine by American Crafts
with some Garden Cafe & even a little of the new Chap line.

and on this one -
Sr.s Rock:

I used a TON of Chap with a little Amy Tangerine (the stars)
and even some Holly Day letters.
My photo's here are by Andie Smith.
you've probably seen 1 or 2 of these on other projects...

So I hope you've enjoyed them - they were FUN to make!
and I hope you have a very festive New Year!
It's almost here...
gosh I welcome 2012 with OPEN ARMS!

I remember back in January I made a One Little Word -
and my word was "strength." Gosh...funny how that word
was NEEDED and USED so much this entire 2011.

I'll be thinking of a new OLW & will post soon...
I know when I chose "strength" it was for a whole different
reason than what I had to use it for...
but that's ok, I learned ALOT this year.
Especially alot about strength.

See you soon, friends.
Happy 2012....