Friday, January 6, 2012


I never did a goodbye to 2011 post, did I?
I never shared my new word for 2012, did I?

I'm a bad, BAD blogger.

Maybe it's because I was SO ready for 2011 to be over.
I don't even want to remember it.
No, I'm not bitter...
2011 just wasn't the year for any of us.
Sickness, surgeries, heart conditions, changing of colleges...
there's so many "yuck's" I could list...but I won't.
I picked the perfect word for 2011 - Strength.
It sure got tested. more!
Here's to kicking 2011 to the curb.

Hi, 2012...I'm one happy girl you are here.
I welcome YOU with open arms.
I can't wait to see what you have in store for me.
For our family, for our life.

I have a new word for you - 2012.
It's jubilant:
1)  exultingly joyful
2) expressing joy

This year will be full of it, I just know!

We've already had 1 jubilant event -

(taken with my iPhone)

somebody turned 21!
here's a few more iPhone pics of the 21st....
we did just what the b-day girl wanted...
had a FAST lunch then
saw a movie:

then came back home for a quick change of clothes, then off to
her favorite restaurant for dinner:

(here she is on the left in front of the restaurant with her best friend)

and last but not least...a pic of us - mom & daughter:
(she's HALF my age now, WILD!)

and I'm pretty sure we'll have many MANY more.
January is a great month.
my birthday is next, then our sweet great niece turns 1 at the end of Jan.

(photo by me!)

the day she turns 1, a friend of mine is coming in ALL the way from
Las Vegas, Nevada!! (well, she lives in Henderson...)
She's coming to see me & the family....

Wendy & I have been friends for 5 years.
I consider her one of  my long lost sisters...
we had a little "bump" where we didn't talk for a couple of years..
we both
just got a little busy with life - but we decided to never
do THAT again!
I'm excited about her coming to Texas...she's never met Alan or Shaypher!
This will be so much fun...

so you see? jubilance at it's best so far...
it can only get better, right?

Can't wait to see what's around the corner for us in 2012!

Oh, before I go, have you been to the Echo Park blog?
The new team for 2012 was introduced!
Hurry over & get to know everyone!

That's all for today...
back soon!!



Wendy Hammer (Reed) said...

Ummmm.... cereally LOVE your TWENTY-TWELVE word! Gahh... maybe I shouldn't have jumped the gun picking mine. LOL

It sure has been one heck of a year for you huh? Crazy ridiculous! That's not happening this year.... ok, crazy yes... but crazy good! :)

Amazing, our kids, I'm gonna die when Shon turns 21. I know I'll cry so I better start prepping for it now. Ha!

I can't wait to get there.... TWENTY days from today! YAYYYYYYYY!!!!!

pattyo said...

Here's to a happy and healthy 2012! Photos are wonderful!

StephC said...

Fabulous word! I know this year will definitely be a better one. I'm so glad to have met you, and that I get to kind of be a part of your journey. Thanks so much for always being so much fun, and SO, so nice. You're amazing, in so many ways!!