Saturday, April 28, 2012

*Twenty in Twelve*

Someone has gone and grown up on me.
like overnight.
Today this guy

is 20 years old. WHAT! Wasn't he just born yesterday?
I know, every parent says that & means that -
but really, wasn't he? My sweet son.
He's grown into such a wonderful man!
So tall, so handsome, so amazing.

He's smart, witty, handsome, fabulous, charming,
loving, kind hearted, makes you laugh so hard your chest hurts kind of funny,
crazy, amazing boy.
I'm sad we didn't get to see him today on his day - but he's down at school
getting ready for his finals & will be home next week & we'll celebrate BIG then!
I put this together on my iPhone:

In honor of his special 20th birthday I'm sharing a few of my favorite
layouts of him:

Love you son. You sweet SWEET boy.
You're the light of both your dad's & my life.
You are the sunshine to my grey skies.
the light to my darkness.
I don't know if you'll ever know the amount of pride, love & joy you bring us.
Thank you for the past 20 years.
Can't wait to see what 20 plus more bring!
Study hard...see you soon.

Also - I wanted to share a little something with you that's going on over at
Cocoa Daisy (kit club!) this weekend. A HUGE weekend crop!
I was asked to participate in one of the challenges using Crafter's Workshop
6x6 Stencil by Julie Balzer - this one is called "blazonry".
here's what I created:


Go check the crop out!
Here's all the happenings going on over there this weekend
(tomorrow's the last day!)

I also promise I haven't forgotten to pick my winners from the Echo
Park post below - I'll have my winners posted Monday.
This birthday boy has kept me on my toes the past few days!

Have a great weekend,


Izzy Anderson said...

That is one handsome boy! I love all your projects. You do great boy pages.

Chris and Paige Evans said...

I wish my almost 19 year old sister and your son could meet :)

I loooooove all your layouts documenting his life!

That last layout with the stenciling is awesome!

leah said...

I'm scared I'll be saying this soon, too! LOL As always - fabulous work! ^_^

Cynthia B. said...

*sigh* Time goes so quickly, doesn't it? It's so wonderful that you've documented him through the years. These pages are AWEsome.
Happy birthday to your baby boy (because he'll ALWAYS be your baby boy ;) ).

Diana Waite said...

happy day to your boy! LOVE these layouts!!

Maria said...

Wow!! Awesome layouts!! So many awesome layouts!! :D