Monday, June 18, 2012

*Celebrating Dad*

Last week on the American Crafts blog we celebrated Dads:

I'll be here all day if I were to tell you all the wonderful things about this man.
He's amazing. the kids are so very BLESSED to have him for their dad.

those are my creations for the AC blog - hope you've enjoyed!

Yesterday was Father's Day & what a fun day it was around here!
The kids (and me) took their dad to a sushi dinner Saturday night.
It was a fun night!
We even took a family pic....

(hee!! yes, we're in the car - stopped - trying to figure out who's heads
could fit in where...hilarious.)

check out our family sushi platter:

(just for dad...gosh it was GOOD.)
Oh..if you like sushi & you're in the NRH area, Ahoyama Sushi is GOOD!

Then on Sunday, poor S had to work so the other S went with
us to see MY daddy...whom I forgot to take a picture of and with!
We enjoyed visiting with my parents! I love so much.
I tried so hard to bake cupcakes for dad - would you believe my oven decided
it wanted to go kaput? weird, it just worked that morning!
So I went to the store to grab some
lovely cupcakes & took them to him:

I made the mustache's on my new Cameo. LOVE that thing!
(p.s. the oven worked FINE when we got home, stupid oven.)

Made dad this little card too:

using my Cameo. FUN FUN!
He enjoyed it!
So then my youngest S and I decided we'd take Alan
out for another Father's Day dinner & ended up at
Mexican Inn (YUM):

My boys. ::sigh::. they are so adorable!
♥ them.

that's how we spent our Father's Day!