Monday, August 13, 2012

*I Found The BEST Target Bargain Ever*

I did! I really did!
Just look:

cutest bargain ever...right?!
that's my little great niece, Presley!
So cute - my niece Taylor & Presley met us up at Target
& this was my view coming down the aisle.
I couldn't resist grabbing my iPhone & snapping away at that cute little face.
(I printed these through a FAB app called Postal Pix. Well after loading it in Instagram.)

Here's a closer shot:

to see this entire post - check out the Noel Mignon blog today!

Oh! I forgot to share this Noel Mignon post with you the other day:

Funny Face:

That's CRAZY crazy silly Lilly Pulitzer laughing her tail & 4 paws off at me
(because I have her toy on my head)

that dog.
♥ her.

we lifted fellow Noel Mignon board members. I chose the cute Shannon Stout!
here's her cute layout I lifted:

Thanks for letting me lift you Shannon - ♥ how cute your layout is!
Check out the complete post here:

It's so QUIET at my house.
I was used to it, got unused to it, now I have to get used to it again.

Let me leave you with a special little furry birthday girl:

happy 9 months little Lilly Pulitzer. We ♥ you like no tomorrow.

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Diana Waite said...

BEAUTIFUL layouts!! And lilly happy 9 months--she is a DOLL!