Wednesday, August 8, 2012

*Picture Perfect - Ribbon Week at American Crafts*

Good Wednesday Morning!
I've been a BAD blogger this week - so sorry!

just got child #2 off to college Sunday. With that and child #1 going -
my eyeballs got crossed doing nothing but college stuff. ;D
My house is SO QUIET!
It was this quiet before when Savannah was off
in College Station for school  & Shaypher went off to Abilene to school.
Then Savannah transferred to Denton & after sharing a home with friends,
decided she wanted to try to commute from home
(about a 45 min drive with no traffic)
She did it, but it got OLD fast & now has a brand new apartment near campus.
It's so cute!
We are so proud of those kiddo's...they're doing SO good! They're getting close to being
done in school - which blows me away. I swear, weren't they JUST in kindergarten??
Now all grown up, out of their teens & off on their own. WILD. How'd I get that old?


I could go on and  on about those precious babies of mine - but instead of boring
you to tears - let me share a layout of them:

Picture Perfect:
It's Ribbon Week over at the American Crafts blog this week.
This is one of my projects - my Picture Perfect? kids. The lights of my life!
Even when one is not so focused on photo's....♥

that was a super easy layout to put together. I wanted to draw the colors from their shirts
& decided to add a contrasting color of ribbon to draw  your eye to their cute picture.
Gosh I love those kids.

I also made this card:

I punched a giant circle & wrapped different Amy Tangerine ribbons (yum) around it.
I really like the outcome! It's fun to try different things with ribbon - that's why it's one of my
FAVORITE embellishments!

To see more of my post & what I used  -

check back tomorrow - I've got a fun Noel Mignon post to share!
Have a great day....

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Dara Lynn said...

Leslie...I really understand the quiet house syndrome. Jerry and I just moved our two sons to OU....just 12 miles away ...but still quiet. I love scrapping pictures of my two grown babies...and you are right...weren't we just getting them ready yesterday for kindergarten?? I love the ribbon ideas!!! I don't want to count how many might classify me in the hoarder category! lol Have a great evening!!