Monday, September 24, 2012

*I will call this random day...*

Because that's exactly how it's going to be today, ha!

Random post from me with random ramblings and what-nots....
(and a couple of photo's to boot)

First up - did you know that all week last week we had a grand time
at  Noel Mignon having a "Back To School Crop?" It was a great time!
Went by too fast if you ask me! Well my last class I taught was on Friday.
It was Math. Imagine teaching math. I.HATE.MATH.
But I had fun teaching!  I played "Bingo" in my class:
(photography by Andie Smith - another one of my boy's SR. pics. Gosh he's cute.)

My husband and I LOVE to go on adventures in our new adventure seeker
seriously - if we could drive this thing all day every day - we would.
but the main thing we LOVE to do is get lost

(all iPhone snaps....i cheated though. last one, wasn't with Alan in that shot. with my sister's! ha!)
my point for all this random mumbo jumbo.
while at the Montgomery Street Antique mall in historic Fort Worth, Texas -
we saw many many things.
such as:

(I'm so doing my bedroom in gray's...gah!)
or even this:
which - I wanted. I wanted to take that home
immediately and not eat, pay bills or do anything
for forever - because it cost an arm & leg!
Not to mention...where would I put that?
brilliant idea.
(here's a little closer shot of that fab piece:
I have this pantry in my kitchen.
(I forgot to take a picture - so just imagine.)
it's boring. White louvered doors. B.O.R.I.N.G
It almost made me cry it was so boring.
the lightbulbs went off when I decided I'd rather eat,
pay my bills and shop whenever I want...(hee)
so we set off on a mission.
I knew I wanted to paint our pantry black.
(we're going for a french country look in our kitchen)
I knew I wanted those slats or louves GONE.
I knew a change was coming.
(don't even worry that we've lived here for 11 years now, LOL)

we set off on a journey to find just the perfect fabric for the background
(and before I bore with ALL the fabrics we looked at - I'll just share the winner:)
don't even worry - this blew my #1 choice OUT of the running.
Not only because it's toile - but hello SALE!
next up -
some chicken wire.
(I opted for the more french country look of standard hexagon shape - of which I did forget
that photo too, oops.)
so here's what's happening in my house right now.
Operation French Country Pantry is now in session:

(cork shelf liner)


still has a few touch ups - doors aren't finished yet
all chicken wire isn't installed - but it's getting there and
Gah----like alot.
Genius idea - sometimes I have those!
anyway - once it's finished.
i'll update.
wow...that was easy:
and quite random.
look for another post like that soon.